Capital Campaign

Legacy of Light Renaissance Capital Campaign Update, January 28, 2022

STA’s Legacy of Light Renaissance Capital Campaign is well underway to our $7M goal! We are extremely grateful for the generosity and support of our donors. With our Catholic mission at the forefront, we have already made great improvements in several key priority areas, including the complete renovation of our athletic field, faculty compensation increases, campus improvement projects, technology upgrades, and scholarships. Check out key highlights from our completed projects, learn more about what is planned, and how you can support this important endeavor!

Phase 1 – Complete

Our Lady of Victory Stadium

Thanks to our generous supporters, STA student athletes enjoyed practices and games on the fields of the new Our Lady of Victory Stadium. This brand-new artificial turf field features new stadium-style seating, a press box, new stadium lighting for night games, a handicapped accessible walkway, renovated stadium storage, refreshed scoreboard, and a new Our Lady of Victory archway. Saints Pride takes on a whole new meaning!

Campus Improvements

  • New campus signage creates a welcoming and collegiate environment for students and prospective students that reflects our unique best-in-class position as New Hampshire’s School of Excellence.
  • Outdoor furniture creates a collaborative atmosphere to promote learning and community.
  • Increased lighting and campus security enhance student and visitor safety.


Recent technology upgrades and updates are directly benefitting student learning and experiences at STA. These improvements allow for innovation and a competitive edge to 21st century learning.

  • New Technology Center with state-of-the art computers, thanks to a generous $40,000 donation from Nathan Michaud (’03) and other members of the class of 2003.
  • New ViewSonic interactive panels in classrooms
  • New 3D printers, tools, and equipment for the Robotics Team
  • Upgraded enhancements to data security and support, thanks to Geoff Ness (’05) of Nessit
  • Campus-wide internet enhancements

Faculty Development

We have increased faculty compensation to help retain and attract talented teachers whose rigorous instruction is shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.


We are offering a number of scholarship opportunities to increase affordability for current and prospective STA families.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, we plan to focus our efforts on interior upgrades to school spaces, including:

  • Painting and other enhancements to the gymnasium, hallways, classrooms, labs, offices
  • Enhancements and expansion of the athletic training room
  • Renovation of the Girls Locker Room

Phase 3

  • New building addition to the front of the Main Building, featuring new student learning spaces and labs to foster the STA mission
  • New energy efficient contemporary-designed windows

Phase 4

New chapel with new school entrance and community gathering space to enhance STA’s Catholic mission and identity.

Support STA

We are humbled and incredibly grateful for the support of so many wonderful friends and graduates of St. Thomas Aquinas who are as committed to the school mission as our faculty and staff. Please take a moment to review the many wonderful initiatives that have begun and consider supporting the ones that most resonate with you. From facilities to faculty professional development, athletics to the arts, mission to ministry, we are one St. Thomas Aquinas High School.


This is truly a special time at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, unlike any other in our rich history that is now spanning over six decades. Our physical campus, our leadership, our vision, have all been reinvigorated with a desire as strong as ever to be a School of Excellence, and we are poised to reach the greatest of heights.

For the first time in our great history, St. Thomas Aquinas High School is led by a President/Principal leadership model. President Dan S. Soller began his tenure in February 2020 and working closely with Principal Paul Marquis, our institution has created a strong vision of rigorous academics, vibrant spirituality, accomplished athletics, physical beauty, and thriving arts that serve as our Strategic Plan. Each of these areas is described in greater detail in our most recent strategic announcement, the Legacy of Light Renaissance.

Through the support of so many who care deeply about our school-your school-we have embarked on an ambitious journey to raise $7 million dollars to ensure that our school and our students will continue the momentum that we have seen in the past year and a half. You are able to ensure that St. Thomas Aquinas will thrive, serving as a model and beacon of our motto: Lux in Tenebris. The Light in Darkness.

Each student-athlete is uplifted and challenged during their time at STA. They learn how to play for the name on the front of their jersey as a team for the bigger picture. Click here to hear more directly from our Director of Athletics, Dave Morissette.

Why do we do what we do at St. Thomas Aquinas? We do what we do so that our Saints will learn to be a light in darkness thereby fulfilling our mission as a Catholic school to go forth and shine the light of Christ for all the world to see.

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