St. Thomas Aquinas High School is known throughout the tri-state Seacoast region to have an excellent educational reputation, outstanding music and drama programs, and exceptionally talented athletic teams. The combined knowledge and talents of School Sisters of Notre Dame, clergy, administrators, teachers and staff have guided students through the St. Thomas Aquinas experience. The legacy, rich in academic excellence and spiritual growth, passed on from the Sisters remains strong.

Since the doors opened in 1960, the school has seen thousands of students grace its halls and has benefited from the many faculty and staff (both religious and lay) who have contributed to the success of the school. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the spirit and vibrancy of the St. Thomas Aquinas community. Current families, alumni families, faculty (then and now) and friends stay connected with St. Thomas on a regular basis through the website, Reflections magazine, e-newsletters, reunions, regional events, athletic events, music and drama performances and more.

Keep close to God for we do not know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future! With God’s help let us resolve to safeguard each precious moment of time.

Sister M. Dosithea, from Aquinews, June 12, 1963

1960 In September 1960, St. Thomas Aquinas High School opened its doors to 295 wide-eyed, pioneer freshmen. Seven School Sisters of Notre Dame, two Diocesan Priests and one coach made up the first faculty ready to carry out St. Thomas’ mission. These students, faculty and staff were participants of all the “firsts” that took place during the first four years. While the school’s founders may never have imagined today’s classrooms would be equipped with Smart Boards and computers, they were certainly guided by the same principles as we are today: to transform the lives of our students through a rigorous Catholic education guided by the light of the Gospel, offering them the opportunity to develop their unique gifts, strengthening their personal faith and integrity, and fostering within them a commitment to justice, service, and moral leadership.

During the early years, there were plenty of activities and clubs to be involved with including Student Council, National Honor Society, Drama, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Aquinews, Glee Club and Debate Team. Championships in athletics demonstrated the skill and determination of our athletic teams. Penny sales, operettas and bikeathons not only benefited the school financially, but promoted class unity and school spirit as well.

1961 Richard Cardinal Cushing blessed the school at a Dedication Ceremony April 22, 1961.

For the first few years the School Sisters of Notre Dame made their home on the top floor of the school. The school was at capacity and the need to move the Sisters out of the main building and into their own space became clear. December 14 marked the groundbreaking for the new convent. Over an eleven month period the Sisters and students alike watched the structure grow brick by brick. Their dreams also grew!

1963 The Notre Dame convent was built and dedicated in September 1963. The Sisters went from cooking in the chemistry lab to preparing meals in the well-equipped kitchen of the new convent. The living space in the main building was converted back to teaching space. Today, the convent is used for additional classrooms and office space for Admissions, Advancement, Alumni and Guidance.

1964 The first Commencement at St. Thomas Aquinas High School was June 10, 1964, graduating 219 from the charter class. The senior class sang a newly-written school song with lyrics by Roland Labrie ’64 and Lawrence McGarrell ’65. This significant celebration also included the first-ever St. Thomas Aquinas Senior Prom themed “Viennese Waltze”.

When school opened in September of 1964, the students numbered almost 900!

1971 Bishop Primeau announced that due to declining enrollment and rising expenses, St. Thomas Aquinas High School was to close unless a viable solution could be found. The City of Dover assumed financial responsibility for providing a few teachers and books for one year during which time St. Thomas was able to resolve some of the financial difficulties. The seventies proved to be very lean years at St. Thomas Aquinas with philanthropy from many generous donors spearheading the effort to sustain the school.

1980 St. Thomas Aquinas High School celebrated 20 years! Enrollment continued to climb during the 1980s.

1985 The St. Thomas Aquinas Fund was created, giving alumni, parents and friends the opportunity to invest in the future of Catholic education.

1988 St. Thomas Aquinas High School was accredited by the New England Association for Schools and Colleges.

1990 The multi-purpose room in the cafeteria was completed. St. Thomas Aquinas High School celebrated 25 years!

1991 More than 470 students attended class on the first day of school. The largest 9th grade class since the early 1970s boosted enrollment. Amid a recessionary economy, past enrollment concerns were long past and St. Thomas Aquinas was thriving with students once again.

1994 October 1, 1994 St. Thomas Aquinas High School dedicated a new elevator and new entrance to the school in memory of Kristen E. Marcotte ’90. The new elevator made the main building fully handicapped accessible.

1996 The fourth floor of Notre Dame Hall was renovated into four new classrooms.

2002 In the summer of 2000, a significant facility improvement was completed; the renovation of the outdated and ‘tired’ St. Thomas Aquinas High School athletic fields. Through the generosity of the school community, the school raised the funds necessary to build the Field of Dreams. In September 2002, the new and improved Aquinas Field was dedicated on Homecoming Day.

2004 Outside under a big tent and blue skies, St. Thomas Aquinas High School held its first outdoor Graduation. Jean Beliveau retired after 39 years at the school.

2008 Until recently, the exterior of the school hadn’t seen many changes. To continue its tradition of excellence in education, St. Thomas Aquinas High School continually finds ways to reinforce strengths and identify areas that can benefit from change and innovation. Coinciding with the strategic plan of 2002-2007, in the summer of 2008, St. Thomas Aquinas High School embarked a campus reconfiguration – creating not only safer sidewalks, reconfigured parking lots and curb appeal, but the foundation for the future of the school.

Capping off the campus reconfiguration was the rededication of the school Cornerstone which was moved to accommodate the new traffic pattern. Festivities included Superintendant of Schools Mary Morin, Principal Jeff Quinn, School Sisters Georganne Pearson and Catherine Goodell.

2011 In honor of her 50 years of service to St. Thomas Aquinas High School, the newly renovated Chemistry Lab (room 406) was dedicated to Sister Georganne Pearson.

In July, St. Thomas Aquinas High School received the largest single donation ever bestowed on our school. The Sullivan Sisters (Alicia, Ruth and Melanie), gifted the school $250,000, leaving a legacy that helps make a St. Thomas Aquinas High School education accessible to deserving students.

2012 St. Thomas Aquinas High School relocated (and renovated) the Art Room from the 1st floor of Notre Dame Hall to the 3rd floor, creating a warm, inviting art classroom. Once the Art Room was moved, a new Weight Training Room was added in the 1st floor space.

2020 St. Thomas Aquinas High School undergoes a capital campaign that results in the development of a new turf field and athletic stadium: Our Lady of Victory Stadium. In March, the coronavirus pandemic caused schools around the country to pivot to remote learning. After 11 years, Kevin Collins retired as principal of St. Thomas Aquinas. A new governance model was established and St. Thomas Aquinas hired a president and a principal. While many schools continued remote education in the fall of 2020, St. Thomas Aquinas resumed in-person, on-campus learning. 2020 also marks the 60th Anniversary of STA.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School Principals

1960 – 1969
Sr. Mary Dosithea Sheehy

1969 – 1973
Sr. Mary Raymunda Smith

1973 – 1976
Sr. Stephen Marie Mahoney

1976 – 1979
Mr. Paul Pike

1979 – 1985
Sr. Joanne Nee

1985 – 1998
Mr. Brian Newhall

Mr. Jeffrey Quinn

2008 – 2009
Mr. Ronald Holtz

2009 – 2020
Mr. Kevin Collins

2020 – 2022
President: Dan S. Soller
Principal: Mr. Paul C. Marquis

2022 – Present
President: Mr. Paul C. Marquis

2023 – Present
Principal: Dr. Michael Orlando Jr.