St. Thomas Aquinas the Scholar prepared his pupils for their post-study world. St. Thomas Aquinas High School… does the very same thing.

A scholar, teacher, writer, and the greatest Christian theologian of the Middle Ages, St. Thomas Aquinas frequently engaged in intellectual jousting, always leading students in spirited public debate to sharpen their mental acuity and to strengthen their spiritual awareness.

Our Theology program at St. Thomas Aquinas High School is rooted in the Gospel, the teachings, and the traditions of the Catholic Church. Diverse faith traditions, religious experiences and insights are welcome and respected here. Theology classes endeavor to strengthen the faith of all students, to invite them to experience the love of Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to live out their faith each day in the spirit of Christian service.

As St. Thomas Aquinas himself would have trusted, our Theology program, Masses, and retreats help students to think deeply and critically about contemporary issues of religious, moral, and social importance.

I hope that I will keep a servant’s heart through all the days of my life.


When students graduate from St. Thomas Aquinas, we hope that they have a deeper commitment to service for God and others. Each student participates in a personal community service projects as part of their Theology requirement. Beyond that, several opportunities for service both locally and globally are offered throughout the year including:

  • Monthly Charity Dress Down Days (CDDD) in which students pay to be out of dress code with funds raised going to designated organizations that help those in need.
  • Daily visits by students to St. Ann Healthcare, our neighboring nursing home.
  • Assisting local families in need with the Catholic Charities Christmas Drive.
  • The annual Canned Food Drive to benefit Lazarus House Ministries in Lawrence, MA.
  • Young Neighbors in Action (YNIA) in which students are afforded the opportunity to attend a week-long mission trip.
  • Annual events including Breast Cancer Walk, Penguin Plunge, Apple Harvest Fair, Run for God and many more opportunities.