St. Thomas Aquinas High School employs the President / Principal management model, considered the gold standard and best- in- class model for secondary education.

The President is the organization’s leader who is focused on both internal operations, external community engagement, and mission advancement. The Principal’s role is that of chief academic officer and directly oversees the faculty and areas of student development in partnership with the President. The leadership group, known as the President’s Cabinet, reports to the President. The Cabinet members include the Principal, Director of Athletics, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Admission, Director of Advancement, Director of School Counseling, and Communications and Marketing Coordinator. The remaining organizational chart flows through the respective Cabinet positions.

Board of Trustees

The President reports to the Board of Trustees, which is officially a limited board of jurisdiction. The Board is empowered to act independently under its by-laws and the Bishop of Manchester’s auspices. St. Thomas Aquinas High School operates as an incorporated non-profit entity.

Mr. James Broom P ’18 ’20 ’21 ’22 – Chair, President Hope for Tomorrow Foundation

Mr. Paul Nadeau ’88, P’18 ’22 – Secretary, Executive Vice President The Andover Companies

Mr. Ryan Tracey – Treasurer, Founder, Managing Partner Highland Advisory Group LLC

Ms. Katherine Faust – Trustee, Partner TCF Law Group, PLLC

Mr. David Thibault – ex-officio Trustee, Superintendent Catholic Schools Office

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the institution’s general well-being with principal responsibilities for mission development, financial and strategic planning. They elect and support the President as the Board’s singular direct report.

God has blessed St. Thomas Aquinas High School abundantly and we are confident He will continue to pour his love upon all of us.

James P. Broom, Chair