Program of Studies

St. Thomas Aquinas High School provides students from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with a quality Catholic high school education through a rigorous Catholic school curriculum.


At STA, our academic program is directed by our mission: to be an intensive educational experience that searches for truth in academic, as well as religious, activities. The curriculum delivers our mission by liberally educating our students as independent learners, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and capable readers and writers. Graduates of St. Thomas Aquinas have mastered an introductory knowledge of traditional subject areas. While our focus is college preparatory, our students develop the skills and knowledge needed in their faith, our democratic society, and a competitive business world.

As a Catholic school, our program is infused with Christian values. Our students are challenged by our curriculum to be morally and socially responsible. Our instructors provide students with individual attention and respect that, together, bring dignity to each student’s educational experience. Outside the classroom, students have opportunities to enhance their relationships with both God and their classmates through our campus ministry and other enriching clubs and activities. The Gospel teachings guide and challenge the relationships within our academic community.


For a full list and descriptions of the courses St. Thomas offers, please see our 2024-2025 Program of Studies.

The Theology curriculum introduces students to the foundation of Catholic faith – providing an understanding of the history, theology, morality, beliefs, and practices. All Theology courses are CP level and are Semester long.

  • Intro to Catholicism
  • Morality
  • Scripture I
  • Scripture II
  • Social Justice
  • Christianity and Ethics
  • World Religions
  • Christian Life
  • Communion of Saints

The English Department offers an integrated four-year program of literature and language arts study. The goal is to properly place students in the course best suited to meet their needs, ensuring academic growth and success, while challenging all students appropriately. Recommendation that a student take Honors or AP English is based on class performance during the prior year as well as on an assessment tool administered in the spring semester; the recommendation is made by the student’s current English teacher. Courses are offered at the CP, Honors, and AP levels. Available in Full Year and Semester.

Full Year Courses

  • English 9 – CP/Honors
  • English 10 – CP/Honors
  • English 11 American Literature – CP/Honors
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition

Semester Courses

  • English 12: The Search for Self – CP/Honors
  • Holocaust Literature: Resistance and Survival – CP
  • Books That Matter – CP
  • Diverse Voices – CP
  • Mass Media and Popular Culture – CP
  • Mystery and Suspense: The Fascination of Horror – CP
  • Finding Your Voice: A Writing Workshop – CP
  • Women’s Voices – CP
  • Speaking Up! Public Speaking for the 21st Century – CP

The Mathematics Department offers a variety of levels including CP Enriched, CP, and Honors. Advanced Placement courses are available for students who show a greater aptitude for Mathematics. Courses in the curriculum are designed to prepare students for college. All courses are Full Year.

  • Algebra I – CP Enriched
  • Algebra I – CP/Honors
  • Geometry – CP Enriched
  • Geometry – CP/Honors
  • Algebra II – CP Enriched
  • Algebra II – CP/Honors
  • Statistics – CP
  • Precalculus – CP/Honors
  • Precalculus – Honors, Summer
  • Mathematics of Business and Finance – CP
  • Calculus – Honors
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC/Multivariable
  • AP Statistics

The Science Department offers a spectrum of courses that introduces students to the fundamental concepts of modern science and allows them to develop their critical thinking skills. Courses are offered at the CP, Honors, and AP levels. Available in Full Year and Semester.

Full Year Courses

  • STEM – CP/Honors
  • Biology – CP/Honors/AP
  • Chemistry – CP/Honors/AP
  • Physics – CP/Honors/AP
  • Environmental Science – AP

Semester Courses

  • Anatomy and Physiology – CP
  • Forensics – CP
  • Intro to Electrical Engineering and Robotics – CP
  • Environmental Studies – CP
  • Advanced STEM Innovative Research Program – CP
  • Marine Biology – CP
  • Advanced Genetics and Biotechnology – Honors

The Social Studies curriculum allows students to gain knowledge about history, people, places, events, and culture. As well as an understanding of government, economies, and social traditions. All of which helps students become informed individuals. Social Studies courses are offered at the CP, Honors, and AP levels. Available in Full Year and Semester.

Full Year Courses

  • Western Civilization – CP/Honors
  • US History – CP/Honors/AP
  • US Government – AP

Semester Courses

  • Global Studies – CP
  • Economics – CP/Honors
  • Psychology – CP
  • Introduction to the Law – Honors
  • Civics – CP

Studying a world language helps students not only speak and write the language, but immerse themselves in a different culture. World Language courses are offered at the CP and Honors levels. All courses are Full Year.


  • French I – CP
  • French II – CP
  • French III – Honors
  • French IV – Honors
  • French V – Honors


  • Spanish I – CP
  • Spanish II – CP
  • Spanish III – CP/Honors
  • Spanish IV – Honors
  • Spanish V – Honors

Exploring the Fine Arts and Technology encourages students to be creative and to think outside of the box. It also aids in the development of motor skills, visual learning, collaboration, accountability and focus. Courses are available in Semester and Full Year.

Full Year Courses

  • Studio Art
  • Concert Band
  • Chamber Singers
  • First Robotics

Semester Courses

  • Introduction to Digital and Fine Arts
  • Graphic Design and Drawing
  • Digital Photography
  • Painting Workshop
  • Pottery
  • 3-D Modeling and Design
  • Introduction to Publications, Design, and Editing
  • Concert Choir
  • Music Exploration
  • Fundamentals of Piano
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Piano II
  • Music Technology
  • The “I’d Like To” Ensemble
  • Jazz Band (After School)