Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center is a resource available to students who will benefit from additional support in one or more academic areas. This resource is primarily available to students who have formal accommodation plans in place, either through a 504 or through an IEP/ISP. It is important to note that because we are a private school setting, we do not have formal special education services in place, and therefore STA works with the Dover Public schools Special Education Department to transition students who do have IEPs in place to an appropriate ISP that can be implemented at STA. 

Students with formal accommodation plans in place are given priority for placement in the Academic Support Center. When additional space is still available, students without formal accommodation plans who may need some additional support in one of several areas may be able to access this resource as well. This is managed on a case-by-case basis and can be requested by parents, teachers, administration, and/or by the student him/herself.

The academic support center is a structured study hall staffed by a general education teacher who is able to provide assistance in a variety of areas: organization and planning, keeping track of assignments, ensuring that assignments are completed and turned in, collaborating with other teachers to determine the best way to support students, monitoring grades, collaborating with parents, facilitating relationships and conversations between between students and teachers, scheduling extra help sessions, and providing reteaching and extra help services directly to students.