Many high school athletes strive to pursue their passion for athletics after high school graduation. Few, however, achieve this status. Recent studies show that fewer than 2% of high school athletes get the opportunity to play NCAA Division III let alone DII or DI athletics.


At St. Thomas Aquinas High School, our student-athletes achieve collegiate success more easily than others simply because of their academic standings. With STA's emphasis on academic excellence, our Saints are set up for success early and college coaches do not need to worry about their GPA or test scores (as they may with other student-athletes). 


With their natural aptitude in athletics and their ability to meet exceptional standards of academic success in the classroom, more STA athletes are going on to participate in college athletics than ever before.  Over the past 10 years, each class has had between 10-20% of their classmates go on to play after high school.

Go Saints!

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