TOM Talks

TOM Talks are STA’s emulation of TED Talks. While TED Talks present on “ideas worth spreading,” TOM Talks center on a theme applicable to our unique STA community.

2021-2022 TOM Talks

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There are many parallels between running a marathon and running the race of life. In his TOM Talk, Will Martino '22 draws them both together while moving forward in his pursuit of truth.

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Ms. Murphy's mother imparted many gifts before she passed away- the most important of which was the power of prayer.

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Sharing her passion for reading and inspiring her students (and the rest of the STA Community) to share that passion, Ms. Katie Graham let us all in on her secret of how to read 100 books in a year. 

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From his passion for Bruce Springsteen to his love of family, Admission Director Dr. Danny Richer shares how one powerful word is at the root of everything: FAITH.

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2020-2021 TOM Talks were paused due to COVID-19 and the inability to gather together as a community. 

2019-20 TOM Talks


She is one of our English teachers but so much more. Once a shy child, Ms. Mary Pate has morphed from a Pink Power Ranger to a Super Teacher, one who cares deeply about her work and advocates for each student to find his/her voice.

“I challenge all of my students- do not underestimate yourself. Do not let others underestimate you. I want you to see the power you have on yourself and on others. You have a voice that is powerful. ”

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Noel Ouellette ’20 has been impressing his peers and the entire St. Thomas Aquinas community ever since he transferred to STA as a sophomore. Not only is Noel a very well-rounded individual (he participates in football, choir, summer service programs, etc.), he has been passionate about paleontology since he was a little boy.

Today, Noel shared this passion with the entire school community. He provided a glimpse into our antiquated world and sparked all of our curiosity as he pulled us into his mind of inquiry and wonder. Saints Pride! 

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Diagnosed at a very young age with multiple sclerosis, Ryan Kaplan knows a few things about learning life's lessons. We are grateful to him for sharing with our STA Community how positive self-messaging and help us overcome adversity and proceed to live our best lives. 

"You have the time and the ability to take one small act, which can lead to great things." Seize the day, Saints! 

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This summer, STA science teacher, Ms.Piper Bartlett, traveled to the Arctic to conduct long-term climate change research aboard the U.S. Coast Guard vessel Healy. One of only 12 applicants selected, Ms. Bartlett participated in the PolarTREC Program where educators spend weeks participating in hands-on field research, working side by side with scientists. 

Ms. Bartlett's deep research, experience, and passion for this area of study continues to inspire and influence our STA community daily. 

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“He loved cycling, the sun on his face, the wind in his hair, the scent of flowers and fields all around him. He loved competition but he mostly loved just riding his bike for the pure pleasure of doing so.” Lois Young, mother of STA Alumnus Chad Young, shares Chad's story of life and how he was the ultimate giver even in death. 

She also introduced the first recipient of the Chad Young Foundation Scholarship: Cameron Cassidy '21. 

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STA Alumna Britt Canner describes her experience through Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and leaves our Saints with a timeless message: time heals all wounds.

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Mr. Charles Prince, Retired STA Science Teacher, Professor Emeritus

When one sits with Mr. Charlie Prince and listens to him speak, one has the distinct impression that there is a third party present and involved in the conversation: Jesus.

A scientist and a devout Catholic, Mr. Prince pivots on the ever fragile precipice of the physical, natural and spiritual worlds. He weaves them seamlessly together and serves as a witness to all that faith and science are not only very much connected but evolve from the very same source: God.   

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Rev. Matthew J. Mason, Director of the Office of Vocations 

"You might have a plan for your life, you might have it all worked out. But life is not going to go that way...there are going to be bumps along the road, there are going to be things that happen that surprise you, there's going to be good things, there's going to be bad things, challenges... but if you trust in God, He will give you what you need."

And with this message, Fr. Matt Mason leads St. Thomas Aquinas High School into Holy Week.

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Andrew Capello '19, STA Student, BSA Eagle Scout

With his trademark hair and contagious laugh, senior Andrew Capello delivered the second student TOM Talk today to his STA peers, faculty and staff.  And he didn’t disappoint.

Outlining the long trajectory of an Eagle’s boy scouting career (Tiger Cub Scout to Webelo to Boy Scout to Eagle Scout), Andrew defined in both word and presence all that the rank entails.

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Mark Lane, STA Parent, President, Coed Sportswear

A phenomenal local entrepreneur, Mark owns and operates Coed Sportswear, an apparel wholesaler that focuses on full package apparel distribution for large brands and retail. Coed's primary focus is sourcing apparel and artwork creation, supporting the goals and vision of major brands.  Here, Mark speaks to our students about vision, success, ego, failure... and the heart of his business: his employees.

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Isabella Barbini, STA Sophomore

In the inaugural student TOM Talk, Isabella Barbini speaks to her passion about the National Parks. Her energy, enthusiasm and drive spoke volumes to our STA community on all that it means... to be a Saint. 

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Jim Broom, STA Parent and Hope for Tomorrow Foundation Founder and President 

In our most recent TOM Talk, Mr. Jim Broom shared his personal and professional story of what drives him, including a significant change of heart in 2005. Mr. Broom's commitment to and passion for his family, values and faith are an inspiration to all who meet him. 

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Fr. Andrew Nelson, Pastor of St. Ignatius of Loyola - St. Mary 

We are grateful to Fr. Andrew Nelson for presenting his own TOM Talk, for inviting our students to share their faith perspective with him and for reminding all of us at STA that- in listening- we can encounter God. And that sometimes, He whispers

An extra bonus?  A special visit by Bandit! Follow him on Instagram! @holybandini  #holybandini

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Ron Holtz, Biology Teacher

Biology teacher Ron Holtz took center stage in the St. Thomas Aquinas gymnasium and launched the inaugural TOM Talk. The current TOM Talk theme asks the presenter to answer the question, “What drives you?” To the full STA community, Mr. Holtz responded with his answer. The idea that everyone, everybody has a truth is what drives me. And when you find that truth, well, that is where beauty lies.

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Julie Verde, Math Teacher

Another TOM Talk that was special from beginning to end was one shared by beloved math teacher, Julie Verde. Mrs. Verde took a moment to acknowledge what drives her.  By backpedaling through her journey of life, Mrs. Verde gave our community insight into her values, her personality, and her faith.

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Dave Couture, Theology Teacher

Everyone understands what it’s like to have a pebble in one’s shoe. A small object that often arrives unsolicited and becomes a large irritant. If left unattended, it can create great discomfort and, eventually, great pain.  Sometimes a pebble can be a good metaphor for life’s wounds.  

STA Theology teacher Dave Couture (also a St. Thomas Aquinas alum) presented a TOM Talk and answered the formidable question, “What drives me?”  His answer (predictable to those who know him well) was… family

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Molly Wade, Director of Marketing and Communications

"Today at STA, as part of our series of TOM Talks, Mrs. Molly Wade spoke with her passion and her smile as she told over 450 rapt students and faculty about her "best friend" -- God.  But it was so much more than that.  It was a clarion call to the assembled STA family to remember their worth: no matter what kind of curve balls life throws at you, she said, you're still you and that "you" is valuable." -Principal Collins

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Mrs. Angela Garcia, Owner AG Fitness 

"Be a Game Changer." With this directive, Mrs. Angela Garcia ((mother of Diego and Iggy ’20 and owner of AG Fitness) challenged our STA community to focus not on what to be but rather who to be. “If you’re ever in doubt on how to be a game changer, St. Francis of Assisi made a cheat sheet: Where there is hatred, let me bring love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light, and where there is sadness, joy.”

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Mr. Lucas Gabriel, STA Alumnus, Class of 2012

"How is your soul?" With his charm and candor, STA alumnus Lucas Gabriel recalls when this first question was posed to him years ago. He also addresses the thought-provoking question of makes him him more than anyone else. Through years of self-reflection- and cultivating his passion/talent for dance- Lucas shares his journey with our Community of Saints.

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Mrs. Tammy Carignan, Ironman Triathlete

Another TOM Talk inspired our STA community today as Ironman Triathlete Tammy Carignan (also mother of Allison '19 and Katie '22) shared her story and reminded our students that with faith and preparation, anything is possible.

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Mr. Patrick Hureau, History Teacher, STA Alumnus

Inspired by teacher Gene Belleveau when he attended St. Thomas Aquinas as student, Patrick Hureau decided to choose the same career.  In his TOM Talk, Mr. Hureau shared with our community his story- a story of health, illness, recovery... and family.  

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Kristin Anton, Director of BioInformatics at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine

An impressive professional, role model and today’s TOM Talk Presenter, Kristin Anton has combined her aptitude in math and science with her interest in data science to make significant contributions in cancer research and space technology. Thank you, Ms. Anton, for inspiring and reminding our Saints to consider the plethora of ways in which they can apply their interests, aptitude and skills to impact the world.

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Dr. Sue Pike, STEM teacher, Environmentalist, Nature Columnist

Our favorite environmentalist got down to earth in a TOM Talk and shared how her circuitous life journey has led her to Ghana. A veterinarian, a research scientist, then a teacher. These were all things Dr. Pike thought she wanted to be. But her sage advice to our Saints-  "Find out what drives you. Nothing is set in stone. What you think you want to do when you're young changes all the time." - is a timeless reminder to us all. 

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