Catholic high schools offer a unique blend of academic and spiritual opportunities that prepare students for success in their endeavors later in life. St. Thomas Aquinas High School follows a rigorous Catholic school curriculum that encourages independent thinking while reinforcing Christian principles.


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Learning Standards

Catholic schools collaborate with parents and educators to provide students with an excellent, well-rounded education, rooted in Gospel values. Through its Catholic high schools, the Church invites young people to form and deepen their relationships with Jesus, allowing them to understand the role of faith in their daily lives and in society as a whole. We operate based on four Catholic standards:

  • We are guided and driven by a mission that embraces Catholic identity, is centered on the Eucharist, and is committed to faith formation, academic excellence, and service.
  • We provide a rigorous academic program that integrates religious studies, along with faith, culture, and life, within the greater curriculum.
  • We provide opportunities for faith formation outside the classroom, including Mass and prayer, as well as opportunities for service through campus ministry and other clubs and activities.
  • We provide faith formation and service opportunities for both students and adults within the Catholic community.

About the Education

Our educational curriculum strives to challenge, support, and transform students so that they are prepared for college and life after St. Thomas Aquinas. In addition to the core curriculum of English, mathematics, science, and social studies, students study theology, fine arts, technology, and world languages. This curriculum promotes independent learning and hones students’ critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Christian values are infused into every course to challenge students to become morally and socially responsible adults.

Learn More Today

St. Thomas Aquinas High School believes that a quality Catholic school curriculum prepares students for success in college and helps develop their faith, encouraging them to live their adult lives based on the Gospel teachings. Request more information or call us at 603-742-3206 to schedule a visit.