Our international students are placed with local families to ensure an authentic American experience. The generosity and hospitality of host families forms the backbone of successful study-abroad experiences, offering each international student a unique opportunity while enriching the host family’s knowledge of a different culture. A strong host experience can be life-changing, both for the international student and for the host family. We hope that STA families and friends will consider this opportunity.

Host families receive a stipend of up to $850 per month to offset basic costs associated with hosting. The stipend can even be applied directly to your STA student’s tuition!.

Some requirements include:

  • Safe and supportive household environment
  • Meals - breakfast and dinner on school days, breakfast, lunch and dinner on non school days
  • Internet access
  • Study area
  • Basic amenities
  • Language and cultural support

This opportunity is not just limited to STA families. Any local family can take part in the experience!

UTP will provide a full-time onsite staff at Saint Thomas Aquinas to assist families with this experience, taking a hands-on approach to creating an inclusive and holistic experience for both the students and families.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please contact one of our UTP staff members!


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