2021-22 Clubs and Activities


The Lux in Tenebris Society

The Lux in Tenebris Society is St. Thomas Aquinas' Student Ambassador Program. It provides current students an opportunity to share their STA experience with prospective students and their families, add to their professional portfolio, and assist the Admissions Department in recruiting and enrolling talented students. 

Please click here to read and review the guidelines, expectations and benefits of participating in the Lux in Tenebris Society.


Saints Block Club Offerings

Academic Worldquest/ Current Events

American Sign Language


The Artistic Expression Club

Bird Watching Club

Campus Ministry Leadership

Computer Programming

Creative Writing Club

Design, Build, Compete

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Environmental Club

Foodies Adventure

French Club

The Great American Songbook

The History Club

Knitting Club

Life Skills

"The Moth" Storytelling Club

Math Club

PEP Club

Photography & Yearbook Club

Prayer Club

Psych Club

Reading Appreciation

Reflective Journaling



Spanish Club

The Value of Money

Young Women in STEM

For a complete list of Saints Block Clubs and their descriptions, please click here. 


After School Clubs

Academic WorldQuest

Book Club

Creative Writing Club         

Debate Team

Drama Club       

Environmental Club               

Film Club       

Fishing Club     

Fitness Club

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Magic the Gathering Club

Mountain Bike Club



Music Clubs

Jazz Band

Jazz Choir

Chamber Singers

Music Ministry


Internships and Independent Studies available on an ongoing basis.