World Language Honor Society


Today, St. Thomas Aquinas High School inducted students into the World Language Honor Society. These students have focused their attention, aptitude and power of inquiry to expand their horizons both literally and figuratively.  Learning to communicate in another language means more than simply studying a different subject. It means intentionally walking through a door toward global opportunities and actively acquiring the tools needed to embrace our common humanity through language.

“Learning to talk with one another is so important,” remarked Principal Marquis. “To be able to do that in other languages is special. Do your very best not to lose that. Also, the world can be a very big or a very small place. It’s all about perspective. If you haven’t yet, get your passport and keep it up to date.”

In a world where text messaging, Snapchat, and video have become primary methods of communication among teenagers, we hope our students always prioritize personal interactions, face-to-face expressions, and body language. And may they use their language abilities as instruments of understanding and peace.  

Congratulations, Saints!

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French Honor Society


Simran Dillip

Sophia Gross

Christian Gyurcsan

Jennifer Medina

Caroline Mollica


Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Thomas Allen

Linsey Barney

Eric Baughn

Timothy Bonagura

Michaela Bosco

Wilhelmina Bowser

Nathaniel Burnett

Thomas DePalo

Olivia Duprat

Mya Ford

Camila Garcia

Tesfanesh Gautreau

Sophia Graziano

Charlie Grenon

Tyler Hamel 

Enya Kaonga

Annabel Kossakoski

Katelyn Kuselias

Jack Lacouture

Emma Lane

Alyona Latsilnik

Sarah Long

Joseph Luchsinger

Hannah McLoughlin

Luke Monteiro

Brigid O'Connor

Devon Paquette

Diana Pivirotto

Megan Reich

Alyson Rose

Matthew Ryan 

Ashleyrose Saffie

Vincent Simonelli

Rebecca Spear

Ryan Stailey