Winterterm 2021


The first day of Winterterm 2021 is underway! 

Each year, St. Thomas Aquinas High School meets winter head-on with its formidable Winterterm Program of Studies. We are blessed and fortunate to have professionals within our community who support education and allow our school to advance your education in unique and awe-inspiring ways.

Our mission statement reminds us that St. Thomas Aquinas High School transforms the lives of our students through Catholic education, an education that offers them the opportunity to develop their unique gifts. Winterterm affords our young men and women the chance to widen their learning horizons, step outside of the traditional instructional atmosphere and pursue an area that interests them intellectually.

With Winterterm, students receive an invitation to challenge their minds, support their passion and transform their perception of learning so that they may fully embrace what promises to be a remarkable educational experience.

While COVID-19 has forced our hand such that we cannot provide the array of offerings as we are used to (travel opportunities, culinary pursuits, internships, etc.), STA continues to find ways to expand, enrich, and enhance studies in every way!

Saints Pride!

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