Winterterm 2018

Girls performing a science experiment.
Exploring molecular magic!


With Old Man winter nipping at our heels, STA’s Winterterm 2018 is moving ahead quickly. Our traveling Saints left last weekend and are now exploring the beautiful region of South America. Experiencing the culture, the countryside and the colors of Chile and Peru are making a deep impression on our STA students. Whether they’re climbing Chilean hills or tasting Peruvian cuy (guinea pig), it’s fair to say our Wintertermers have been given much to chew on while investigating our southern neighbors.

Meanwhile, back here at 197 Dover point Rd., domestic Winterterm adventures are nothing to sneeze at- unless you’re reconfiguring molecules to create tantalizing smells that rival perfumeries. While candles, soaps and bath salts are bubbling up in liquid time in the 4th floor science wing, adolescent bodies are molding themselves into twists and turns via yoga on the 1st floor. Classes on mindfulness, growth mindset, strength training and “conceptualizing science in athletics” are conditioning our students to approach life in healthy, positive ways.

Not to be outdone by the physics or biomedical engineering experiments being performed this week, our liberal arts faculty warriors are challenging students’ minds in their own unique ways.  Dystopian and historical films are tapping into new angles of thought; the natural adolescent aversion to awe and wonder is being redirected in courses such as “Storytelling” and “Spielberg.” Students can take new financial planning tools all the way to the bank, thanks to Mr. Cullen’s “Getting Rich Slowly” course, while our musical Saints are producing their own tremolo through audio/video instruction.

In addition to the kaleidoscopic array of learning that is occurring on campus, there are numerous educational opportunities sailing into our students’ harbors off campus this week, too.  Dozens of Saints are participating in internships throughout the Seacoast and making connections in the fields of aeronautical engineering, business administration, medical/dental/surgical, education, software development and many more.

Winterterm puts a spin on education and sends our students through turnstile doors of learning unlike any other. Thank you, Winterterm 2018, for demonstrating the connection between education and enlightenment!