What a Beautiful Noise

Boy holding school door open.
Welcome Home!


What a beautiful noise/Comin' up from the street/Got a beautiful sound/It's got a beautiful beat…


Neil Diamond’s lyrics resonated today as St. Thomas Aquinas High School ushered in the 2017-18 school year with the first official day of school for all students. After months of quiet, our hallways once again ring with youthful voices and adolescent energy. And those sounds are music to our ears.

Traveling through their eight period day, new and returning Saints met their teachers and absorbed a “real feel” for what their upcoming courses will entail. After a busy day figuring out their new schedules and routines, students were treated to an ice cream social, served up by the STA Administration Team including Principal Collins.  Nothing tastes better after a big day than an ice cream sundae enjoyed with friends.

Different bell schedules, course loads, new faces.  Each of these things can be daunting by itself and, in combination, can feel overwhelming. But St. Thomas Aquinas High School believes in transitioning from summertime to “school time” with care and patience. Because of this and despite any “first day jitters,” our students were heard laughing, sharing, and reminiscing. And this... is the most beautiful noise.


Welcome Home, Saints. We have missed you.