Welcome Home, Mr. Andrew Croteau!


Joining our Math Department this year is Andrew Croteau. He and his wife, Kaela, are expecting their first child (a girl!) this coming October. Together, they live in Central Barnstead, NH with their adopted rescue dog, Benji, from Tennessee.

When not teaching Saints math concepts and skills, Mr. Croteau enjoys playing golf and basketball, working on puzzles, relaxing on the beach and taking Benji for walks.

He enjoys treating himself to a nice chocolate glazed donut from time to time but also enjoys fresh fruit, especially strawberries and blueberries. When faced with the choice of experiencing a sunrise or a sunset, Mr. Croteau prefers a beautiful sunset, preferably on the beach.

Growing up, Mr. Croteau’s family had three cats, each with very different personalities. “Climber” (the youngest of the three) was a stray cat that wandered into their back yard, climbed a tree, and thereby earned his name.

The following questions and reflections help our St. Thomas Aquinas community learn more about Mr. Croteau and what matters to him most.


Name one personal accomplishment that brings you the most pride

Being the first in my immediate family to graduate from college. I learned many important life lessons over those four years of college that shaped me into who I am today.


What brought you to St. Thomas Aquinas High School?

I was teaching at a charter school in Manchester and was looking for a change. I was looking for a school that had a great community feel and St. Thomas Aquinas is exactly what I was looking for.


What comes to your mind when you think about God?

Someone who I can turn to for advice and inspiration when I need it the most.


If you had the power to change one problem in the world, what would it be?

Poverty. It is sad to me when I see people on the streets asking for money and food and shelter.


Does your first or middle name have any significance? Do you know why your parents selected that name for you?  My mom chose biblical names for myself and brother (Matthew). My middle name is Theodore and that comes from my great great grandmother.


Of all the places you have traveled, which one is your favorite? 

I was very fortunate to travel to Aruba during the February vacation last year (prior to the country going into lock down due to COVID) and I would travel there in a heartbeat. I loved watching the sunsets on the ocean and I enjoyed the fact that it's at least 80 degrees all the time there.


Who is your favorite television character of all time?

I’m going to choose three characters: Moe, Larry and Curly, aka The Three Stooges! I visited the Three Stooges Museum in Pennsylvania and I highly recommend it for those who are Three Stooges fans.


What is the most memorable gift you have ever received?  Why did it make such an impact?

My wife made a “Jar of Love” which had some special items our first dates as a couple. Some items in the jar included a bingo score sheet, sand from hampton beach and little messages of things she loved about me. This gift made an impact on me because it was so thoughtful and it goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive things. Sometimes the little gestures make a big difference.


What do you consider your greatest strength?   

My greatest strength is my listening skills. I tend to be a listener more than a talker during staff meetings, etc.


What is your fondest memory of your own high school experience?

Taking Pre Calculus and Calculus at the same time senior year.


Who was your favorite teacher in the high school that you attended and why?

My Pre Calculus teacher senior year was amazing. She often had students come back to visit her and she had a way with focusing on individual student needs but at the same time focusing on the entire class needs.


If you could choose just one word to reflect that which you feel is most important in life, what word would you choose?  Persistence.  There are times in life when things don’t go the way you planned but it’s important not to give up on something just because it is difficult.


What is your greatest wish for your daughter who will be arriving soon?

That she will be happy and healthy.


We share Mr. Croteau’s wish and open our arms in welcome to him and his growing family. Saints Pride!

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