Welcome Home, Lily Buono!

Red haired girl sitting on grass
"I chose STA because I want to join a community where people care for each other."


In the next few weeks, we will be profiling some of our newly admitted St. Thomas Aquinas High School Saints. These profiles represent a cross-section of all our students- young adults who are varied in their interests, skills, talents and personalities- and all of whom represent our diverse student body.  

All of our students are embraced and cherished at St. Thomas Aquinas High School as our living Saints Pride.
Lily Buono
Junior High: Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School
Town: Newmarket, NH
Favorite Subject: History

“I chose St. Thomas Aquinas High School because I wanted to join a community where people care for each other.” In response to incoming freshman Lily Buono’s words, we can assuredly respond that she has hit the jackpot.

Being a caring community, indeed a family is one of the many elements of St. Thomas Aquinas that sets it apart from other high schools. With her enthusiasm for meeting new people, Lily is going to blend in perfectly within our family.

As a Level 6 competitive gymnast at Atlantic Gymnastics, Lily spends four hours a day, five days a week working on her strong gymnastic skills.  That said, she is looking forward to playing field hockey at STA. At St. Thomas Aquinas, students can begin a sport for the very first time as freshmen, thereby trying something new and pursuing interests in an otherwise untried sport or a club.

With high school on her horizon, Lily is eager to jump right in to things and we know she will make a colorful splash. “I’m really looking forward to Spirit Week and Homecoming because I have heard they are really fun. I am also looking forward to using my creativity to help my Class of 2022 win Spirit Week.”

Good luck to Lily as she finishes up her 8th grade year. We can’t wait to welcome her home next August to the freshman Class of 2022.

Welcome Home, Lily!