Welcome Home, Class of 2023!


There’s a famous novel written by Irish writer James Joyce called, “A Portrait of an Artist as Young Man” that traces the religious and intellectual awakening of its main character. If St. Thomas Aquinas could author a similar story, it would be entitled, “A Portrait of a Saint as a Young Adult.” The problem is that the novel would be 2,000 pages long for there is no one solid storyline, no singular plot for each of our student’s high school awakenings. There is, however, a common theme among them all- they attend a school that celebrates each young man and each young woman individually.  And last night, the Class of 2023 was shown how they are already appreciated and cherished.

Accepted Student Night is an opportunity for STA to welcome in those students who were offered admittance. Not every applicant is offered a seat to study at St. Thomas Aquinas.  Our Admissions Committee saw something in these Accepted Students’ applications, essays, admissions files, previous academic formation, etc. that said to them, “Ahh, this child is a Saint.”

Those in attendance last night were chosen to be a Saint because they are exceptional. At STA, we can say this with authority because, as a Catholic school, we believe that every child is a gift from God and for this reason, we celebrate our students from the inside out.

Whether school work comes easily or whether it takes some extra effort, our Accepted Students belong at STA.  Whether they have grown up twirling a football in their hands or whether they're thinking of trying out for a sport for the very first time, they belong here. Whether they feel most comfortable around large groups of people or whether they define themselves as shy and introverted, they belong here.

Catholic education’s holistic approach to a child’s formation places them solidly on the path to not only being successful but to being content.  Understanding that deep within their core is an unconditional love from God that is seconded by their school?  Well, it is in this way that a St. Thomas Aquinas education is most especially not just a gift of schooling… but a gift for life.