Under Pressure

Two male students adding weight in physics class
Witnessing the joy in learning never gets old.


In their recent lesson series, STA physics students have been learning how to build bridges- and then orchestrating their downfall. Literally.

The students in Mr. Paul Marquis’ physics class have been studying bridge types- arch, beam, truss, and suspension. They also have explored the effect of tensile and compressive forces as well as investigating the calculations that are instrumental to designing bridges- calculations such as deck thickness, empty space, and general height/length/width.  In teams, they collaborated and built their best model of bridge in the hopes that it could withstand layer upon layer of slowly applied pressure.

Today, students had an opportunity to test their designs and success was present at every angle. Although every bridge ultimately collapsed under various levels of weight, students and spectators enjoyed watching speculation and prediction fall under the weight of concrete reality.

St. Thomas Aquinas students are always challenged to aim high and soar higher. On an early Monday morning, these students channeled their inner architectural and engineering ambitions and learned the value of careful design and strategic planning- in a very tangible, experiential way. 

Well done, Saints!