Tuesdays on the Deck

staff and faculty on deck
STA Faculty and staff enjoying conversation on Principal Collins' deck

Summer evenings are designed for sharing time, thoughts and conversation with family. St. Thomas Aquinas did just that last evening at Principal Collins’ home during the annual “Tuesdays on the Deck.” Gatherings centered on good food and great conversation, “Tuesdays on the Deck” allow STA colleagues an opportunity to dig deeply into philosophical inquiries about education, innovation and young adults. Volleying ideas and lifting conceptual strategies from mind to mouth make for lively discussion and refreshing dialogue.

Perhaps many school communities feel as if they are family to one another; at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we live it. Togetherness is not something we do out of obligation but a reality we create out of desire.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Collins, for hosting our St. Thomas Aquinas family in your home. It was a beautiful summer evening thanks to your gracious generosity that permeates all that you do.