A Truly UPlifting Experience


For many years, Maddie and Ryan Stailey have been involved with “Unlimited Possibilities” (UP), an education and service foundation dedicated to helping eliminate local and global social injustices by providing financial support and direct service.  The foundation consists of educators, consultants, coaches, and volunteers who believe in the transformative power of education. Their collective experience is used to help lift people out of poverty and ignorance and their impact has been instrumental in peoples’ lives.

As young active members of the foundation (also referred to as UPlifters), senior Maddie and sophomore Ryan (and also incoming freshman Anna!) have participated in a variety of trips and service initiatives. Recently, they partnered with other young members of UP (including their younger sister and Class of 2025 STA student, Anna) to facilitate a food drive to benefit Lydia’s House of Hope*. (Located in Somersworth, New Hampshire, Lydia’s is a 365-day transitional housing program for homeless women and children. They serve surrounding communities in the greater part of New Hampshire and Southern Maine.)

With a $1,000 stipend, the UPlifters entered into a friendly competition. They split into two groups, each with $500 to spend and hurried to see who could purchase the most food with their allotted sum.  The end reward was to see the joy and gratitude of Lydia’s House of Hope staff and residents as Maddie, Ryan, and their UPlifting teammates delivered $500 worth of groceries on New Year’s Eve.

To see young people embrace the spirit of service and the virtue of compassion is to see hope alive and well in the world. We are deeply proud of this brother and sister team as they spread our STA mission of transforming lives throughout the world.

Saints Pride!

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*Note: STA is proud to acknowledge that STA Alumna Laura Coppinger '16 now serves as Lydia's House of Hope administrator.