Awards Ceremony
Principal Collins congratulates Will MacGregor on perfect attendance.


“Transitions are a natural part of life,” stated Guidance Counselor Jill Mahan. “They help you to adapt, grow and strive to reach your full potential.” These words of wisdom were imparted this morning on the Class of 2021 at the annual Grade 9 Awards Assembly.  With prayer and reflection serving as introductions to the assembly, the freshmen had an opportunity to pause and reflect on their journey from August to today.  

There is a remarkable transformation that occurs between the beginning of 9th grade and its conclusion. This is evidenced not only in photographs but by a noticeable change in maturity.  Our freshmen Saints have a year under their high school belts now and, with that experience, comes a readiness for new challenges, continued rigor and greater aspirations.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 on a successful first year at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. We are proud of each and every Saint!


Perfect Attendance- Brooke Chandler, Peter Georgakilas, Serena Gerome, Theresa Hartford, Chris Heo, Hunter Jennings, Will MacGregor, Connor McCabe, Cam Paquette, Andrew Wertz.

Honor Roll (first three quarters of freshman year)- Gabby Berthiaume, Tim Bonagura, Eli Borrin, Joey Broom, Elli Brousseau, Kate Bruton, Nicole Butkus, Cam Cassidy, Carly Caswell, Chelsea Cooper, Rosabella Daraoui, John Dowling, Joey Dulac, Kathleen Farrelly, Luke Fiermonti, Serena Gerome, Madeline Glenn, Olivia Graziano, Roman Guglielmo, Theresa Hartford, Jane Heeter, Shelly Heim, Chris Heo, Sam Humphreys, Kelsey Jacobsen, Vanessa Johnstone, Annabel Kossakoski, Ella Kuselias, Will MacGregor, Caitlin Mahoney, Adrianna Marchi, JJ Marsh, Jennifer Medina, Jaimie Murray, Dillon O’Connor, Michael O’Regan, Ava Perfilio, Zach Pitts, Lauren Pratt, Morgan Pulliam, Patrick Reidy, Lucy Reilly, Ben Smith, Madeline Stailey, Cole Symans, Steven Thompson, Abigail Tosatti, Kateri True, Ayla Walsh, Andrew Wertz, Kylie Youngclaus, Ryan Zubricki
Dover Knights of Columbus Scholarship Award- Jane Heeter

Le Grand Concours National French Exam – Rosabella Daraoui- French 2, Bronze Medal
National Latin Exam- Cam Cassidy, Latin 1, Summa Cum Laude (Perfect Score); Annabel Kosskoski, Latin 1, Magna Cum Laude; Kylie Youngclaus, Latin 1, Magna Cum Laude; Dillon O’Connor, Latin 2, Magna Cum Laude
NH Classical Association State Exam for Latin- Cam Cassidy, Second Place
National Spanish Exam- Maddee Gailing, Spanish 2, Bronze Placement; Cam Cassidy, Spanish 4, Silver Placement
All-State Music Festival Awards- Gabby Berthiaume, Jazz All-State Chorus and All-State Chorus; Madeline Glenn, Jazz All-State Chorus
Jack Leary Awards (recognizing freshmen who have earned three Varsity Letters in a single academic year)- Brooke Chandler, Chelsea Cooper, Olivia Kimball, Dillon O’Connor, Kylie Youngclaus
2018 Club Awards
Art Club- Maddee Gailing
Drama Club- Abby Tosatti
Debate Club- Ian Christiansen
Chamber Choir- Abby Tosatti
Jazz Choir- Patrick Reidy
Jazz Band- Jennifer Medina
Music Ministry- Gabrielle Berthiaume
Freshman Class- Olivia Graziano and Jennifer Medina
Model UN- Cam Cassidy
Robotics- Ellie Brousseau, Newcomer of the Year Award
Student Ambassadors- Ella Kuselias
Talking with Students in Ghana- Isabella Barbini
Yearbook- Lucy Reilly

Department Awards
Theology- Abby Tosatti
English- Morgan Pulliam
Algebra- Joe Dulac
Geometry- Zach Pitts
Biology- Kelsey Jacobsen
STEM- Isabella Barbini
Social Studies- Olivia Graziano
French- Rosabella Daraoui
Latin- Cam Cassidy
Spanish- Caitlin Mahoney
Art- Emalee Obyc
Band- Nicole Butkus
Chorus- MAddy Stailey
Technology- Joey Broom