Thrown Together

Track and field competitors stand unified
Unity among common rivals makes for a better approach. (Kathy Merchant, Mady, Becca Olson, Sarah Williams, Megan Sheehan and Kim Merchant)


It is easy sometimes to get caught up in the competitive aspects of athletics, particularly if one is a gifted athlete like Mady Buchalski. A stand-out on the STA track and field team, Mady has made a name for herself in both shot put and discus. But to know Mady is to know that her perspective- in both athletics and in life- involves incorporating kindness into her long-range strategy. 

It would not be uncommon for high school athletes who compete within the same sport to approach each other as rivals. But this has not been the case of the track and field athletes of the Seacoast. Last year, Mady befriended other girl “throwers” from nearby high schools (Lebanon, Sanborn and Dover). What began as conversational chatter over how best to improve their technique turned into a genuine network of camaraderie and friendship. “We have become friends and support each other. Our mothers cheer for all of us as we compete.”

In a world that can pit young athletes against one another, it is nice to learn that not only do these young women champion one another’s efforts but that their parents do, too. If only world leaders could take a lesson from the young.