They're Home!

Teacher speaks with former student.
Mdme. Chamberlain catches up with alumna Emily Tosatti.


As is STA tradition, our St. Thomas Aquinas “young alumni” (those who have graduated from STA in recent years) came back to campus today and we couldn’t be happier. Home for the holiday, these recent graduates spilled into the Center for Campus Ministry, chatted with faculty and staff, and reunited with their peers with whom they share a very unique experience- time together as St. Thomas Aquinas Saints.

There is something uniquely special about Thanksgiving. It stands alone as a holiday for which there is not a lot of pomp and circumstance.  No candy is distributed and companies don’t pay for prioritized advertising. Marketing and promotions have no place around the Thanksgiving table- but family does.

And so when we watch our new alumni stroll back onto campus and as we listen to their stories of recent experiences, studies and journeys, we quietly bow our heads in gratitude.  For we know that STA's purpose is being realized in real time- to challenge, support and transform the next generation of Hope.

Welcome home, Saints.  We are very grateful for you.