They're Home!

Snickers ("Toto") catches up with his old friends.


For college students, returning home for the first real stretch of days since the beginning of the academic year can involve mixed feelings. No longer a child, she/he may find living under mom and dad’s roof a bit challenging. However, the comfort and familiarity of home conjures up deeply rooted feelings of happiness. 

At St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we understand these sentiments and today we’re rejoicing because our former Saints have returned home.  Young Alumni Day is well placed on the school calendar. On Thanksgiving eve- a day when all reflect on their abundant blessings- our STA students and graduates are on the top of our list. 

High school is a journey unlike all others and it is a shared experience by which almost all Americans can relate. Homework, tests, bells. Teenage drama, trends, fads. These all make up a four year collection of memories that eventually get tucked away into the mental vault of life. 

What sets STA apart from other high schools, however, is that our fondness for our students is rooted in something bigger, something deeper.  The foundation of Catholic education lies upon the premise that each child is a child of God. As such, every child inherently possesses dignity, value and worth. Our vocation as Catholic educators is to help each individual student identify the divine spark within and nourish it into a radiant light.  Once our Saints step out into the real world, the responsibility of spreading that light transfers- but the joy of watching it magnify is one we claim as uniquely ours.

Welcome Home, Saints. Welcome Home!