TED Talks, People Listen

Student makes a presentation in class.
Katrina Moynihan '19 gives a TED Talk on Puerto Rico and other US Commonwealths.


A written exam or TED instead?  When it comes to public speaking at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, TED wins the day.  As a creative way to assess a student-speaker’s finesse in both substance and technique, a TED Talk can receive much credit.  Today, two Saints presented their own such Talks in Mr. Tinney’s Public Speaking course and enhanced their listeners’ understanding of two important issues. 

Junior Katrina Moynihan and senior Jessica Jin tackled very different, equally as impressive topics this morning as part of their course evaluation. Katrina, who is of Puerto Rican descent, delivered a polished presentation on how American commonwealths get lost in the US educational system and how American students would benefit from learning more about these territories.  Jessica dove into the topic of “Parenting” and elaborated on not only different approaches to this sensitive subject but also reflected on her own personal experience (not as a parent but as a daughter.)

TED Talks were originally designed to place an emphasis on matters of technology design but have since been broadened to include talks on many scientific, cultural and academic topics. Their mission is to spread ideas through short, powerful talks so that people can develop a deeper understanding of the world. Mr. Tinney integrated this powerful medium of communication into his public speaking course and the result was nothing short of enlightening for both students and the audience. With their eyes on tomorrow but their heart thinking about today, both Katrina and Jessica turned information and material into an expressive means of educating others. TED would be proud.