T Minus 5

Students design a poster together.
Students prepare a poster of their favorite saint.


Our hills (or rather halls) were alive today with the sound of students!  After months of quiet (and with only 5 days to go until freshmen arrive), St. Thomas Aquinas High School rejoiced at the first signs of recommenced student life today. Sophomores, juniors and seniors came to campus to prepare a special Jumpstart Retreat for incoming Saints. 

Jumpstart Retreat is how STA welcomes new students to the campus. It is a time for older students to introduce freshmen to the STA experience, assure them of their future success, and assuage any nerves or anxieties they may have about embarking on a new educational journey. With smiles and energy, our older students learned the names of their new “little Saints” and spent time considering how best to welcome them into this special community.

It is natural to wince at the loss of summer vacation but as we round the corner toward the first day of school, there is a renewed energy at 197 Dover Point Rd. A new year is going to begin and there is a fresh light on the horizon.