Summer Reading Tips for Parents of Reluctant Teens

Just when teens think they're free from learning, they're thrown a curveball: summer reading. Although it may seem like a chore to some teens, summer reading is an important way to keep their minds active and engaged in a world saturated with technology. These tips can help parents get reluctant teen readers to keep the pages turning this summer.

Find Out If the Movie Was Better

These days, most teen blockbusters are based on a Young Adult (YA) novel. Find books on their summer reading list that have movie adaptations for teens to watch, and let them host a movie night with their friends after they've finished the book.

Make Reading More Social

Teenager sitting on the dock reading a bookTeens who thrive on social engagement may find reading less appealing than other summer programs due to its solitary nature. To combat this, make reading more social by creating a summer book club. Teens can either coordinate their books with their friends, or parents can read along with them, setting dates to discuss the book's progression every 100 pages or so.

Find Books With Relatable Messages

YA novels have a history of addressing complex social and personal issues with which teens may identify. Whether it's discussions of social injustice, body image, or even messages of faith and service, these important topics are often subtly tucked away in fantasy or science fiction novels. These books allow teens to feel understood regarding issues they may be experiencing.

Check Out Graphic Novels

In the past few decades, graphic novels have developed from humorous comic books into true works of literature and art. For particularly stubborn readers, graphic novels may be a great way to get into a regular reading habit without being overwhelmed by pages upon pages full of text. Many popular classic and modern works have graphic novel adaptations that may be easier for teens to get through over the text-only form.

Once teens get into the habit of reading regularly, it's much easier for their passions, reading comprehension, mental benefits, and vocabulary skills to take off. At St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we believe that healthy reading habits are one part of becoming a well-rounded graduate. For more information about our mission or enrollment, call us at 603-742-3206 today.