Dear God,

Today we gather to thank you for this incredible year of learning and friendship.

It is through you we have had so many laughs and memories, and it is through you that we are here right now. Despite the difficulties of this year, we have done our best to rise to the occasion and to truly be a light in darkness.

Today, we have come to celebrate what we have accomplished this year, and to look forward to the next.

 We thank you for our teachers, who have bestowed their wisdom upon us;

We thank you for our fellow students, who are here with open hearts and open minds;

We thank you for our community, which is perhaps the most loving and supportive of all.


-Offered by Sarah Long


Yesterday afternoon, our sophomore class made one giant leap forward. They have (almost officially) set aside their titles as “sophomores” and can now look fully ahead to being juniors in high school.

Over the past year, they dealt with covered countenances, daily health questionnaires, and one-directional hallways. Without their lockers, they carried heavy loads from class to class, up and down four flights of stairs. They experienced lunchtime conversations muffled by plexi-barriers. And they did it all without complaint.

They set the tone for the freshmen, many of whom began the year with traditional nerves exacerbated by Covid-19. Having already acclimated to the spirit of "Welcome Home," the Class of 2023 showered their hospitality and trademark exuberance upon the incoming freshmen and- in so doing- allowed our entire community to exhale with pride.

With prayers, reflections, and awards, this Class of 2023 reminded each other and the rest of the STA community yesterday that they are a remarkable group of young men and women, for which we are very grateful.

Saints Pride!


Opening Prayer by Sarah Long

Reflection: Ryan Stailey

Prayer Before Awards: Katie Adams

Reflection by Director of School Counseling, Robin Durawa

Closing Prayer:  Trent LaRose


Honor Roll (Every Quarter for Two Years)

Katelyn Adams

Eric Baughn

Wilhelmina Bowser

Kelly Costello

Emily Duprat

Gabrielle Gaughan

Tesfanesh Gautreau

Alexander Godbout

Sophia Graziano

Charlie Grenon

Noah Guglielmo

Tyler Hamel

Ruari Hatch

Holly Hearn

Kaylin Hennessy

Mia Henriques

Brielle Herman

Katelyn Kuselias

Trent LaRose

Spencer Lassard

Sarah Long

Erin Marquis

Shauna McCaughey

Reagan McGuire

Caroline Mollica

Luke Monteiro

Devon Paquette

Riley Pratt

Joseph Price

Heather Pulliam Alyson Rose

Mackenzie Roy

Matthew Ryan

Emily Sloane

Ryan Stailey

McKenzie Wessling


Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Camp Selectees

Katelyn Adams

Nicholas Gagnon

Sarah Long


National Spanish Exam

Spencer Lassard, Spanish 2, Bronze Medal

Luke Monteiro, Spanish 3 Honors, Bronze


Jack Leary Awards (The Jack Leary award recognizes the commitment of student-athletes who have earned three Varsity Letters in a single academic year. Their names will be engraved and added to the Jack Leary cumulative plaque.)

Eric Baughn: Soccer, Skiing, Track & Field

Finnegan Connor: Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse

Devon Paquette: Football, Basketball, Baseball

Ryan Stailey: Cross Country, Skiing, Lacrosse


Club Awards

Chamber Choir: Katelyn Kuselias

RoboSaints: Emily Duprat

Student Advisory Board: Tyler Hamel


Departmental Awards

Theology: Tesfanesh Gautreau

English: Mia Henriques

Geometry: Gabrielle Gaughan

Algebra 2: Charlie Grnon

Bennett Math Award (The Bennett Award is in honor of beloved retired math teacher, Mr. David Bennett.  The award recognizes the extraordinary achievements of a freshman in an accelerated math class.)

Biology: Sophia Graziano

Chemistry: Spencer Lassard

Environmental Science: Charlie Grenon

Physics: Luke Monteiro

Social Studies: Ryan Stailey

French: Caroline Mollica

Spanish: Sophia Graziano

Art: McKenzie Wessling

Band: Nicolas Franc de Pommereau

Chorus: Heather Pulliam


Saints Pride!