The 2019 Saints Hockey Champions


State Champions!


On Saturday, March 9, 2019, the St. Thomas Aquinas Hockey Team won the Division II State Hockey Championship, defeating Dover High School.  After three straight appearances in the DII final four, STA has finally earned its day in the spotlight.

We are tremendously proud of our Saints and celebrated with a Community Meeting Monday morning.


From Ryan Brown, STA Athletic Director:

“We’re here today able to celebrate a victory because our boys worked hard all season long.   When they didn’t feel like practicing, they went anyway.  When they didn’t feel good about their performance, they pushed themselves to do better the next time.  When they felt like giving up, they fought harder, knowing that to quit would be to let their teammates down and that wasn’t an option.

To be a good athlete, to be good at anything, one has to have drive and vision.  One needs to be able to set a goal and then work hard to meet that goal.

At St. Thomas, our programs are designed not just to coach you to victory in every game or to ensure that you succeed in everything you do but rather to help you understand the bigger picture and to develop the virtues that will carry you forward well in life.

A lot of factors went into our winning the Championship on Saturday. Our boys were dedicated to the sport but also to one another.  Our coaching staff was fantastic.  Opportunities presented themselves for us to win games and move forward.  And there was a little bit of luck along the way.

We want you guys and gals to understand the difference between just playing a sport and playing like a Saint.  Many high school students play sports and win games.  St. Thomas Aquinas students play sports and win games- even championships- and then remember to thank those who helped them get here, including God.”