Update Saturday, March 21: Revised Daily Online Learning Schedule


After conferring with our Department Chairs and after receiving feedback from families (sent to President Dan S. Soller at his request), St. Thomas Aquinas will adjust its daily online learning schedule.

As you can imagine, this first week has been a learning experience for everyone: teachers, students, parents and administrators.  Our school community has been very diligent and resolute in this difficult time...which is to everyone's credit. However, we are also mindful that this past week was a  period of adjustment...and we recognize the need for regular downtime.

Therefore, beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, online classes will be conducted using the following schedule.

Revised Daily Schedule.png

"Flex Time" (Wednesday) may be devoted to any number of things: studying, "office hours," grading (for faculty), etc.

Please note, as has been the case this past week, teachers who conduct live classes will utilize the above daily schedule.  

The start time of 9:00 am should give everyone an opportunity to gear up for the day.

Our gratitude goes out to every member of our community, you have helped make this new and vital response to the crisis work better than we could have expected.

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