STA Students Take ACTION!

"Magic Mirror on the wall, STA Students are the fairest of them all."


Our STA Freshmen are taking action.

In Morality Class with Mr. David Couture, STA theology students are seizing an opportunity to do good, real good. In effect, they are putting morality into action.

ACTION itself is an acronym that helps define what authentic "action" requires:


wareness (What's going on?)

ompassion (What do I care about?)

hought (What can I do about it?)

magination (How could things be different?)

bjectives (What are my measures of success?)

ow (When is the best time to act?)


“The overall goal of the ACTION Project is to make a small positive impact somewhere in the STA community,” says Mr. Couture.  “Among other ideas, students have pledged to open doors and greet their peers in the morning, help clean the art and music room, decorate locker doors for birthdays, bring in baked goods, have some after-school board game fun, help Tina (our afternoon custodian) after school, etc.  Their ideas have been awesome, and they will be sharing the fruits of their labor in class.”

As always, the heart of St. Thomas Aquinas’ mission is on display at all times and in all ways.  We are grateful for our ability to create a culture of kindness within 197 Dover Point Road that will also carry light into darkness to the world beyond.

This, of course, is the STA Way.