STA "Jumps In" to the New School Year


Our St. Thomas Aquinas High School hallways are full once more and we couldn't be happier. Our Saints are back home!

On Wednesday, August 25, the Class of 2025 stepped out of their parents' vehicles and into STA with nerves and apprehension as their companions. Those feelings of anxiety were quickly wiped away by the St. Thomas Aquinas faculty, staff, and Student Advisory Board members who were all on campus to help the new freshmen find their way around their new home.

"Jumpstart!" offers every new incoming freshman an opportunity to try high school on for size before the rest of the school community returns to campus. During the two initial days of "Freshmen Only," students learn where their classes will be held, how to read their course schedule, discover the ins and outs of dress code, and learn the inside scoop of what it means to be a student at St. Thomas Aquinas.

By the end of their two day introduction, the Class of 2025 emerged smiling, confident, and prepared for the road ahead. Over the course of the next four years, these students will experience the challenges and triumphs that accompany adolescence. Our community looks forward to supporting them every step of the way knowing that they are and always wil be our Saints Pride and joy.

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