An STA Education: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Johanna will graduate with her M.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in 2023.


This week, St. Thomas Aquinas shared an upcoming program entitled, "Empowering Girls." Facilitated by Dr. Robin Buckley, the program is designed to address the big issues that face adolescent women: social challenges, balancing school and extracurricular activities, hormonal shifts, societal expectations, stereotypes, social media, etc. The program gives young women a chance to connect with others, share their unique yet similar experiences, and support each other as they grow and focus on their own personal strengths.

In response to seeing STA's promotion of "Empowering Girls," one of our STA Alumna mothers reached out with her own special story.

"My daughter Johanna Gleason-Vergados graduated from STA in 2014. Last week, I saw the Facebook page post about "Empowering Girls" and I thought her success following graduation would compliment the theme. Her love for science and service was nurtured at STA, which gave her an incredibly strong foundation for her coursework as a chemistry major at the University of South Florida. 

Last month, Johanna began medical school at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, where she will graduate with her M.D. in 2023! She does not yet know what she will specialize in, but she is excited to become a physician and plans to spend her career working with underserved populations.

I hope her story can be helpful in motivating girls to be confident in pursuing STEM and other advanced degrees. Our family is thankful for everything that STA has done for her, and we hope you all have a great start to the school year!"

Johanna's accomplishments serve to motivate us further to encourage and support girls (and boys!) at all ages so that they may pursue their goals with confidence and the knowledge that they are wholly capable.