STA is Affordable.

A family looks at the STA trophy case.
Envision yourself at STA. We do.


One of the most common myths about Catholic education is that it is unattainable for families because of tuition costs. We at STA continually strive to debunk that myth in the hopes that more young people can receive an education that purposefully forms them into young adults who will be prepared not just for college… but for life.

At St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we understand the difficulty and sacrifice necessary to meet the financial weight of tuition. For this reason, STA allocates a portion of its annual budget every year to provide Grant Aid for qualifying families.  Oftentimes, parents worry they may not qualify due to their family income. What we wish to convey to families is the importance of entering into conversation with us. Last year, STA awarded $750,000 in financial aid to students. The importance of initiating a conversation with STA Admissions is vital to families who desire an STA education.

One such conversation evolved last year and resulted in a successful partnership between STA and a new freshmen family. We share the mother’s testimonial as an example (and a reminder) of what hope and partnership can accomplish together.


"We sent both of our children to Saint Mary Academy starting in Pre-k.  Last year, our oldest entered 8th grade.  We discussed with him that we could not afford to send him to St. Thomas Aquinas, which was understandably upsetting to him as all of his friends planned to go to STA. He understood but was disappointed.

He participated in the STA shadow day, but it was a bad day for him because he knew he could not apply to STA. After that visit, our family received the follow-up emails with website information, etc.  These emails were difficult for him because he felt they didn't apply to him, and it was getting him down.  

I contacted STA admissions and asked that he be removed from the email list because we were not able to afford the tuition. In a very kind and respectful manner, I was told that we should not let financial status stop our son from applying.  I was connected immediately with the financial aid department, who worked with me in literally just a few days to see if we would qualify for enough aid.  And we did.  It was the happiest news I could have ever given my son!

He is now comfortably settled into his Freshman year at STA.  Had I not contacted the school about the emails, I would not have been guided to take the steps we did to comfortably tell our son he could apply! My advice to all families is not to be afraid to ask the questions!  You will never be certain until you do."

-Jenn, 2021 Parent

As with everything, St. Thomas Aquinas is committed to uphold its mission as originally designed by the Schools Sisters of Notre Dame. The seats and desks at St. Thomas Aquinas are eager to meet new young people who are eager to learn, ready to be challenged, and open to the broad spectrum of possibilities available to them. 

Don’t wait, don’t worry. Simply inquire.

Come. Be a Saint.

For information regarding financial aid, please visit our Tuition and Aid website page.