St. Timothy Award

Young man shakes hand with bishop.
Bishop Peter Libasci presents the St. Timothy Award to Spencer Gregory '19


A master of all things musical and technical, Spencer Gregory ’19 has been contributing to Saints Pride ever since he first stepped onto our campus. Innately gifted and self-trained, Spencer manipulates notes, chords and keys as fluidly as any professional artist.  But Spencer doesn’t just “play music;” he uses his gift to glorify his Catholic faith, unite our school community, and support others in their own musical initiatives.

The St. Timothy Award is the highest recognition from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry for a diocese to confer to a junior or senior in high school who:

·  Lives as a disciple of Christ, setting a positive example for other youth

·  Witnesses to their faith by exhibiting Catholic morals and integrity

·  Demonstrates Gospel values through service to others

·  Exhibits Christian leadership in parish, school, and/or community settings

On Sunday, the Diocese of Manchester awarded the St. Timothy Award to our very own, Spencer Gregory.  There is no one more fitting, more deserving than Spencer.  He is everything that St. Timothy stands for- and much, much more.


Congratulations, Spencer!