A Special Valentine

Mascot praying the rosary
Bernie prays the rosary every Wednesday afternoon in STA's Rosary Club.


Valentine’s Day is special. Whether one celebrates a new crush, a lasting relationship, or the adoration for a parent/grandparent, Love is at the core of us all. It is the vessel by which we sail, and the wind by which the vessel moves.

Many gifts and tokens of affection will be purchased and given this Valentine’s Day. Budding romances will fill restaurants with happy chatter. Friendships will cross the bridge into greater significance. Quick smiles and shy glances will gain courage and extend into shared time and conversation.

Valentine’s Day is not a day that comforts all, however. Some hearts will be mourning the loss of dreams. A broken relationship, a lost loved one, a tender goodbye- the pains of life can sting even worse on a day that draws attention to human fissure. Not all countertops will be decorated with roses or candied hearts; a term of endearment won’t greet everyone tomorrow morning.

However, under the consumerism of this holiday, lies an important message for us all. Love is powerful, the supreme virtue.  It can’t be bought or sold. It isn’t wrapped in pink tissue paper or guaranteed in a vase of flowers.

Love was gifted to each of us by our Creator. Each of us is unconditionally loved – so much so that He gave His only Son to serve as a role model, guide, and advocate for goodness… that we might follow and have everlasting life.

Two dozen roses, a sunset serenade, vows of unending love are nice. But nothing compares to the eternal gift, knowing that we will be made worthy of the promises of Christ. 

Sorry, Hallmark. God is the best source of Love.