Sophomores, Sonnets, and Shakespeare

Today is Random Acts of Poetry Day. By way of coincidence, some of our Honors English sophomore students have been rewriting some of their favorite songs in Shakespearean Sonnet form. 

For those who need a refresher, a sonnet is a popular class of that has compelled poets for centuries. Traditionally, it is a poem of fourteen lines that employs one of several rhyme schemes. Generally, there are three types (in the English-speaking world): Petrarchan, Shakespearean, Spenserian, and Miltonic.

We’re very proud of our Saints for entering into the playful pull of poetry. With topics relating to love, time, change, idealism, and aging, sonnets have found a magnetic draw in adolescent poets. And their work is nothing short of impressive.

Saints Pride!



The Last Great American Dynasty

By: Caroline Mollica ‘23


Rebekah’s midday train ride was alight

A getaway was her house on the coast

The heir was he to standard oil and might

How did a middle-class divorcee boast?

The wedding charming but still somewhat odd

Holiday House they called their newfound place

How Tasteful were their parties but quite loud

Slow down, the doctor told him just in case

And When his heart gave out, the fault her own

There goes the maddest woman all around

Who knows what could’ve been if she stayed home

A time she had before she left this town

For Fifty years the house was ‘Bekah free

All these years later it was bought by me




By: Katie Kuselias ’23


The time I seek below thou’ gifts I bring,

When frankly, who shows strength besides myself?

There ached me, strained me on my heart here rings.

Who ‘twas I shall hence this towards oneself.

I shall force women in the hands of need.

Then shall I educate on who are stuck

Fear not in hope for I am not-self greed.

Shall thou’ l follow track with any luck.

For I know you shall live amongst the word,

For popular is in my hands of now,

You shall seek that for what I have is heard,

For have a way of talking among thou’ 

The language of upbeat has decency

I shall show the way of the sequency




By: Sarah Long ’23


Thou´dst you cry out for me to give an ear

Yet no word thou so knap reaches thy soul

Alas never silent thy self in fear

Spear ou´ st your critiques they don’t fool.

Thy lay bulletproof so oft will not lose

Thou choler, thou choler hath it thou way

Ricochet, a´ take forth thou spearing views

Thou choler, thou choler hath it thou way.

Thou tries to knocketh but I don't falleth

Thou tryeth again but I do not fall

F´r all those gents can not thy receiveth

Thy stout, thy stout amidst´ a wildeth hall.

Cutteth me down but thyself is too stout

In the end tis´ thou who so oft calls out.