Ski by Faith, Not by Sight

Ski instructor helps child off of chair lift


For we live by faith, not by sight.

As he states in 2 Corinthians 5:7, the apostle Paul invites people to believe in the invisible. 

Whether in religion or in science, people trust the existence of things whether they are able to see them with the human eye or not. In quantum mechanics, for example, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle suggests atoms shift in accordance with a person’s glance. In theology, St. Thomas Aquinas spent his life explaining the existence of God through reason and sacred teaching. Regardless of the source, the principle of trust is a valuable cane by which to lean on throughout life.

One STA senior imparts this principle onto her students each Saturday and Sunday as she trains individuals to not walk, but ski, by faith. 

Senior Amelia Cote serves as a volunteer ski instructor for the Lakes Regions Disabled Sports Programs at Gunstock Ski Resort. As such, she is expressly trained to work with the diverse abilities of students, people who experience physical, sensory or developmental challenges. Amelia is part of a team of instructors who use their time, their congenial nature and their caring attitudes to make sure that the joy of skiing is available to all.  Her task is to teach her students to trust… trust that they can ski, trust that if they fall, they can get back up, and trust that she will remain by their side even when the slope gets steep. 

Thank you, Amelia, for reminding all of us in the St. Thomas Aquinas community that an extended hand and an encouraging word can give the vulnerable- (i.e., all of us) much needed hope. And that trust is a powerful guide.