Show and Tell

Prospective students and administrators in a Q&A session
Prospective students and their families explore an STA education in a personal and comfortable setting.


Of all the things that people remember best from Kindergarten, “Show and Tell” may stand out the most. Five year olds love that special moment when they get their time to bask in the sunshine of themselves.  “Show and Tell” brings out every child’s excitement, creativity and interest as they present to their world what makes them them.  Given only a few minutes, they share that which makes them most happy and most proud- a favorite stuffed animal, photographs of family, a cherished toy.

Fast forward ten years or so and adolescents now have an opportunity to experience “Show and Tell” in a different way.  While stuffed animals and plastic toys no longer lie at the center of young adults’ interest, a superb education does. To allow prospective families an opportunity to see what makes St. Thomas Aquinas the outstanding high school that it is, “Show and Tell” presentations have been scheduled throughout the fall season. Just as Kindergarteners use “Show and Tell” to present the things that make them most happy and most proud, so does St. Thomas Aquinas High School. 

Through a presentation from faculty members, a tour by student ambassadors, and a Q&A session with administrators, young adults and their families can explore Saints Pride in a comfortable and very personal way. In essence, it is STA’s way of showing and telling others that which we most cherish: our Saints. 

If you know of someone who is exploring options for their son or daughter’s high school education or who seeks something different from a current educational experience, please invite them to participate in a “Show and Tell” session.  Upcoming dates are listed below.

Remember! Being excited, curious and interested in school- is not just for Kindergarteners anymore.

Show & Tell Dates- Fall
November 8
November 16
November 20
November 29
December 7
December 14
December 21

Partnership Pledge: STA is committed to making a St. Thomas Aquinas High School education affordable and accessible to all who desire it.