School Counselor Spotlight: Robin Durawa

The Durawa Family


At the early age of 12, Robin Durawa knew she wanted to be a Social Worker. Even when she was young, she was driven to help others and felt rewarded when she could make someone feel good about him/herself, if even for just a moment. In high school, this desire propelled her to become a peer educator and dorm proctor, which laid the groundwork for her career in service to others.

“There is nothing I love more than connecting with my students, but it is also the extraordinary team of amazing women by my side who bring so much joy and balance to my life,” says Robin when asked what she most loves about her job at STA.

This year at St. Thomas Aquinas, we have been intentional in asking community members and TOM Talk speakers to define what drives them to do what they do, to be who they are. When asked to give her own personal answer to this question, Robin had a poignant response.

“After earning my Master’s in Social Work and becoming a Licensed Social Worker, I moved to NYC and got swept up by corporate America.  On September 11, 2001, I was working on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. As I watched the towers fall at my feet and recognized the fragility of life, I turned back to the passion of my youth. I found a job at a New York City Public High School within a week of 9/11 and I never looked back.”

Each of our STA School Counselors has a valuable perspective on work, health and life balance. They understand the importance of prioritization and accountability and, most importantly, about reminding our favorite adolescents- our Saints- that the best things in life are found in the heart.

“I am blessed to have a job that I love and work with a community of people that are fun and supportive.  However, my greatest joy is going home at the end of the day to a husband that makes me laugh, two kids that make me very proud, and a furry friend that will endlessly cuddle with me.”

We are richly blessed at St. Thomas Aquinas High School to have a School Counseling Team that is not only superbly educated and knowledgeable but who are propelled by an innate and intuitive passion to help others. They are not only the first responders to our students’ emotional needs and college preparation requirements, they are the behind-the-scenes advocates that keep their fingers on the pulse of our student body.  And in this way, they serve as ever radiant lights in darkness.

Thank you, Robin, for all that you do and all that you are. We are privileged and proud to have you as a member of our STA Family.