A Saint Among Saints

Make-A-Wish recipient
Maya receives a special wish.


When one meets someone truly special- an individual of deep integrity, authentic kindness and tremendous self-possession- it is often quipped, “We have a Saint among us.” At St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we like to say that we have approximately 400 Saints among us.  But, truthfully, there is a young woman who joined our community two years ago who has been nothing short of a daily inspiration to us all.  

While we wish with every fiber that Maya Rubio ’20 had never been invited to the club of cancer patients, we at St. Thomas have marveled at her fortitude every step of the way. Being an adolescent is challenging enough but Maya has been tasked with carrying a whole other level of burden. And to the eyes of those around her, she has sustained every test like the champion that she is.  

Maya recently passed an important mile marker of one full year in remission. And while this good news trumps everything else, she received another bit of good news at Tuesday’s Grade 10 Awards Assembly. Maureen Cronin and other representatives from the NH Make-A-Wish Foundation arrived in celebratory style- complete with balloons, cupcakes and a basket of treats- to grant Maya’s wish to travel to Costa Rica.  Maya and had her family plan to make the journey in the summer of 2019 once Maya has completed her treatment. Top on her list will be to visit the country’s Sloth Sanctuary (to know Maya is to know she loves sloths!). On hand to celebrate with her was her mother, Kelsey, her brother, Gabe, and a flock of sophomores who realize that they share a locker alongside a genuine saint. 

Congratulations, Maya, on receiving a slice of joy when you really deserve a 7-layer cake. To know you is to deeply admire you and you have an entire school community who does exactly that. God bless you always.