"That's a Wrap!"


A senior class is what binds together a school and its students. Seniors carry confidence and traditions forward in a relaxed and playful manner throughout their final year. Tuesday, May 18th was the last day for the Class of 2021 students.

As juniors, we watched them promenade through the hallways dressed in their Hawaiin garb. We shared fun glances and laughs with them through the window panes of our classes today. We heard the joyful cheers of competition and teamwork from the courtyard outside school while they played corn hole. And most of all, we saw the smiles on their faces as they strolled out of the Saint Thomas Aquinas hallways and proclaimed, “That’s a wrap!

I am sad to see this valued group of Saint Thomas Aquinas leave because with them go the memories… memories of the people we have sat next to in our classes, studied with in the cafe, and played alongside as teammates for the past three years.

These students aren’t just students, they are our role models. They are the class above us, the ones we have been closest with throughout our high school years.

While teachers, parents, and other students congratulate them for accomplishing this portion of our lives, we juniors focus instead on the vast number of memories and lessons they taught us.

We now have to accept this goodbye, this loss, and begin to move towards the 2021-22 school year. It is our turn to step up, to lead, and to model ourselves after soon-to-be 2021 graduates.

Thank you, Class of 2021, for paving the way so well.

We will miss you.

Saints Pride.