Roses in December

Girl and her grandmother pose together at Grandparents Day
A special moment captured between Emma Gould '19 and her grandmother .


“God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December. And I think maybe that is what we are to each other – grandchildren to grandparents, and grandparents to grandchildren: roses in December.”  With these words, Mrs. Kate Collins concluded her address to a very special audience: St. Thomas Aquinas Grandparents.

An annual event, Grandparents Day reminds all of us in the STA community of the very special relationship that belongs exclusively to our students and their parents’ parents.  The joy that is born with each grandchild is one deeply treasured by the elder generation. And the love that a grandchild holds in his/her heart for their “Nana” or “Papa” is uniquely cherished. The bond between these generations is a beautiful one, one that will forever transcend the thief of time.

Grandparents were treated today to music from our STA Choir, to a light breakfast, and to school tours. They also re-lived their own high school experience as they attended classes with their grandchild and followed the prompts of the school bell.  

Time is borrowed. But today, we were able to pluck a piece of it out of the hustle and bustle of life and add it to our bouquet memories, all of which create a garden of December roses.