Rising Up

Boy receives award at assembly
Jake Kelley receives XEROX Award for Innovation and Information Technology


Today’s juniors are tomorrow’s seniors and the Class of 2019 is very aware of this fact. Having recently reflected at the Junior Retreat on their class identity and their goals for the 2018-19 school year, our Junior Saints are setting their footsteps in a very positive direction. 

This morning’s Grade 11 Prayer Service and Awards Assembly served as a precursor to what promises to be a successful senior year for this class.  The opening prayer, reading, reflection, and beautiful James Taylor song performed by Spencer Gregory reminded all in attendance that this class is a colorful collection of gifts, talents and aptitude.

Congratulations to each Junior Saint who received recognition this morning at the awards portion of the event. Whether it was due to achieving perfect attendance, three year honor roll placement or athletic prowess, the recognition is deserved and lauded. And for those Saints who didn’t hear their name called today, their own dedication to academics, extracurricular activities and the STA community is still very much noticed and very much celebrated.

Congratulations, Rising Seniors!


Perfect Attendance Junior Year- Andrew Cavanaugh, Morgan Gunning, Fanny Huang
Perfect Attendance All Three Years (9th, 10th, 11th)- Adrienne Bevins, Cooper Walsh

Honor Roll (Every Quarter for Three Years)- Adrienne Bevins, Andrew Cavanaugh, Emma Condon, Emma Connor, Lindsay D’Orazio, Christopher Eno, Olivia Fiorini, Madison Freese, Joshua Godfroy, Emma Gould, Ethan Guglielmo, Bella Gyurscan, Noelle Honan, Fanny Huang, Grace Kaseta, Jacob Kelley, Olivia Kimball, Karla Lam, Sabrina Lam, Maggie Marsh, Katie Paiva, Kate Smith, Erica Taylor, Maya Twombly, Abbie Tyson, Cooper Walsh, Libby Ware, Pauline Yong

Dover Knights of Columbus Scholarship Award- Katie Paiva

Book Awards (presented to individuals based on scholastic achievement, leadership and positive commitment to the school and community)
Brandeis University, Tuesdays with Morrie- Nick Tosatti
College of the Holy Cross, The Rain in Portugal- Maddy Freese
The George Washington University, George Washington’s Leadership Lessons- Will Devaney
Harvard Club of Boston/Arthur T. Smith, The Harvard Book- Kate Smith
University of Notre Dame, The Notre Dame Book of Prayer- Isabella Gyurcsan
Saint Michael’s College, First They Killed My Father- Maggie Marsh and Paddy Vetter
St. Thomas University, New Brunswick, Personal Journal- Andrew Capello
Smith College, Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road- Libby Ware
Springfield College, Tuesdays with Morrie- Edwin Estevez
Stonehill College, Callings- Lindsay D’Orazio
Villanova University, Saint Augustine, Confessions- Adrienne Bevins

Rensselaer Math and Science Award- Chris Eno

University of Rochester Awards
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award- Josh Godfroy
Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology- Jake Kelley
Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award- Audrey MacMillan
George Eastman Young Leaders Award- Ethan Guglielmo

Rochester Institute of Technology 
Innovation and Creativity Award- Grace Kaseta, Derek O’Brien
Computing Medal and Scholarship Award- Fanny Huang, Tinh Phong

Elmira College Key Award- Jillian Cortez

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award- Zach Talbot

Junior Speech Competition
Winner: Kiernan Flanigan
2nd Place: Ethan Guglielmo
3rd Place: Adrienne Bevins
Finalists: Lia D’Aquila, Meghan Dowling, Morgan gunning, Bella Gyurcsan, Noelle Honan, Maggie Marsh, Erica Taylor, Libby Ware

National Spanish Exam
Kate Smith- Spanish 4, Silver Placement
Christopher Eno- Spanish 4, Bronze Placement
Joshua Godfroy- Spanish 4, Bronze Placement

NH Classical Association State Exam for Latin
Nick Tosatti, 1st Place
Adrienne Bevins, 3rd Place

All-State Music Festival Award
Spencer Gregory- Jazz All-State Honors Choir

Jack Leary Awards (recognizing students who have earned three Varsity Letters in a single academic year)
Jack Benelli, Adrienne Bevins, Connor Blomstrom, Emma connor, Emma Corson, Shawn DeKorne, Will Devaney, Jack Dillow, Grace Finley, Olivia Kimball, Maggie Marsh, Ana Paula Terrazas, Catherine Torr, Paddy Vetter, Kevin Zheng

Club Awards
Art Club- Jace Nguyen
Debate Club- Ethan Guglielmo
Drama Club- Katie Paiva
Tech Club- Spencer Gregory
Chamber Choir- Kira Chick
Jazz Choir- Kelly Casey
Jazz Band & Music Ministry- Spencer Gregory
Environmental Club- Emma Corson
Global Ambassadors- Katrina Moynihan
Junior Class- Audrey MacMillan, Katie Paiva
Model UN- Olivia Fiorini
Robotics- Kristina Langdon, Jacob Lahue
Student Ambassadors- Katie Paiva

Departmental Awards
Theology- Emma Gould
English- Grace Kaseta
Mathematics- Tinh Phuong
Chemistry- Fanny Huang
Environmental Science- Abby Tyson
Physics- Josh Godfroy
Social Studies- Libby Ware
French- Bella Gyurcsan
Latin- Adrienne Bevins
Spanish- Kate Smith
Art- Maya Twombly
Band- Spencer Gregory
Chorus- Andrew Cavanaugh