Retiree Spotlight: Kathy Gower

For 17 years, St. Thomas Aquinas High School faculty, staff, and students have been treated to something that isn’t necessarily included in the cost of tuition but is absolutely worth the price of admission: Kathy Gower’s smile.

Day in and day out, Kathy has greeted our community members as they pass through the lunch line. Each Saint receives his/her choice of meat, vegetable, and drink with a free side order of friendly hospitality.

In the busyness of a school setting, some things can get taken for granted. And one thing that often falls onto that list is those who work tirelessly to ensure every student is offered a good meal to sustain them from breakfast until dinner.  It is long work, hard work, and work that doesn’t often get recognized. But it is work that results in a satisfying convenience for all of us.

Like a clock’s precision, Kathy has arrived to STA all these years ready, reliable, and responsible. She always promises to give her very best and she has more than made good on her promise.

Her favorite memory is the STA Christmas party where she could relax and enjoy good company and conversation with the faculty and staff. Of all the things she has most enjoyed, the students have been her favorite. Her final departing message to the STA students of tomorrow is: “Never give up on your dreams.”

Thank you, Kathy, for your admirable work ethic, your fortitude, and your generous smile that you bestowed upon each person in line. It is a very wonderful thing to be remembered for one’s gentle manner and that is exactly what our hearts will recall when we think of you.

God bless you.

Saints Pride!