Praise and Acclaim!

Kateri True accepts the Biology Department Award


When it comes to Saints Pride, there is always an abundance. Our annual awards ceremonies, however, allow us an opportunity to acknowledge the “abundance” in one larger fell swoop as we did today in the Grade 9 and Grade 10 ceremonies.

As always and with everything, both events began with prayer.  Students facilitated a class Prayer Service and chose careful words of reflection and inspiration by which to draw their respective grades closer together.  While St. Thomas Aquinas students vary remarkably in range of talent and skill, they also are united by STA common denominators: kindness, virtue and faith.  

Another school year will soon be in the rearview mirror for these Saints but our STA mission carries them (and all of us) forward into a bright and beautiful 2019-20 school year.  Saints Pride!

Class of 2022 Awards

Perfect Attendance: Michaela Bosco, Liliana Buono, Nathaniel Burnett, Aidan Elsemiller, Emma Lane, Tien Nguyen, Minkyu Park, Matthew Sapcoe, Vincent Simonelli, Grace Verde

Honor Roll (First Three Quarters Freshman Year): Thomas Allen, Sara Anderson, Jenna Bancroft, Linsey Barney, Amanda Behre, Chandler Blaisdell, Olivia Bolduc, Michaela Bosco, Marcus Broom, Genevieve Brousseau, Liliana Buono, Nathaniel Burnett, Ava Coffey, Margaret Mary Cove Hamel, Thomas DePalo, Simran Dillip, Michael Donohue, Elisabeth Drakatos, Olivia Duprat, Kyle Ferland, Christian Filteau, Pierce-Gabriel Fiorini, Mya Ford,Sophia Gross, Christian Gyurcsan, Lucelia Himmer, Delaney Hodsdon, Peter Hyatt, Enya Kaonga, Grace Kennedy, Noah Laflamme-Howe, Emma Lane, Emily Loranger, Joseph Luchsinger, William MacNeil, William Martino, Hannah McLoughlin, Lauren Michaels, Sophie Nadeau, Lina Nering, Tien Nguyen, Rory Perretti, Kassidy Pottier, Megan Reich, Madison Rodriguez, Grace Russell, Ashleyrose Saffie, Perry Schmitz, Cassandra Scoff, Jack Simas, Vincent Simonelli, Caroline Snyder, Rebecca Spear, Paige Spencer, Sophia Tazbir, Abigail Thornton, Grace Verde, William Wood Jr., Emily Wright

Dover Knights of Columbus Scholarship Award: Kiley Racic

National Spanish Exam: Lulu Himmer (Spanish I, Bronze), Caroline Snyder (Spanish I, Bronze), Emma Lane (Spanish I, Silver)

NH All-State Music Festival Award: Madison LaForce

Jack Leary Award (three Varsity letters in one year): Amanda Behre

Club Awards

Art Club: Lina Nering

Drama Club: Olivia Bolduc

Tech Crew: Chandler Blaisdell

Chamber Choir: William Martino

Jazz Choir: Ryan Abbott

Music Ministry: Margaret Mary Cove Hamel

Math Team: Simran Dillip

Freshman Class: Margaret Mary Cove Hamel

Robotics: Christian Filteau

Student Ambassadors: Billy Wood

Departmental Awards

Theology: Megan Reich

English: Grace Russell

Algebra I: Tien “Ben” Nguyen

Algebra II: Simran Dillip

Geometry: Ashleyrose Saffie

Biology: Thomas DePalo

STEM: Enya Kaonga

Social Studies: Emma Lane

French: Sophia Gross

Spanish: Olivia Duprat

Art: Lina Nering

Band: Caroline Snyder

Chorus: Ashleyrose Saffie


Class of 2021 Awards

Perfect Attendance: (Sophomore Year) Nicole Butkus, Andrea Kaspari, Zachary Pitts; (Freshman and Sophomore Year) Serena Gerome, Suheum Heo, Hunter Jennings, Cameron Paquette

Honor Roll (Every Quarter for Two Years): Jihyun Bang, Gabrielle Berthiaume, Timothy Bonagura, Eli Borrin, Joseph Broom, Eleanor Brousseau, Kathryn Bruton, Nicole Butkus, Cameron Cassidy, Carly Caswell, Chelsea Cooper, Rosabella Daraoui, Serena Gerome, Olivia Graziano, Roman Guglielmo, Theresa Hartford, Jane Heeter, Suheum, Samuel Humphreys, Kelsey Jacobsen, Vanessa Johnstone, Elizabeth Karatzas, Annabel Kossakoski, Ella Kuselias, Caitlin Mahoney, Adrianna Marchi, Norman Marsh, Jennifer Medina, Jaimie Murray, Dillon O’Connor, Zachary Pitts, Lauren Pratt, Morgan Pulliam, Patrick Reidy, Ben Smith, Madeline Stailey, Steven Thompson, Abigail Tosatti, Kateri True, Ayla Walsh, Andrew Wertz, Kylie Youngclaus, Ryan Zubricki

Dover Knights of Columbus Scholarship Award: Jane Heeter

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Camp: Isabella Barbini, Kate Bruton, John Tower

Rotary International Youth Leadership Award: Isabella Barbini

Le Grand Concours National French Exam: Jennifer Medina (French II, Bronze), Cameron Cassidy (French IV, Silver)

National Spanish Exam: Suheum (Chris) Heo (Spanish I, Bronze), Annabel Kossakoski (Spanish I, Bronze), Madeline Gailing (Spanish III, Bronze), Patrick Reidy (Spanish III, Bronze), Cameron Cassidy (Spanish V, Gold)

National Latin Exam: Cameron Cassidy (Summa cum laude)

National Greek Exam: Cameron Cassidy (High Honors)

NH All-State Music Festival Awards: Gabrielle Berthiaume and Luke Fiermonti

Jack Leary Awards (three Varsity letters in a single academic year): Joshua Arsenault, Morgan Bell, Brooke Chandler, Chelsea Cooper, Serena Gerome, Michelle Heim, Kylie Youngclaus

Club Awards

Music Ministry: Gabrielle Berthiaume

Jazz Choir: Abigail Tosatti

Jazz Band: Eli Borrin

Chamber Choir: Hanh Nguyen

Drama Club: Madeline Stailey

Tech Crew: Lauren Pratt

Math Team: Cameron Cassidy

Environmental Club: Lauren Pratt

Envirothon: Gabrielle Berthiaume

Talking with Students in Ghana: Isabella Barbini

Robotics: Eleanor Brousseau

Student Ambassadors: Ella Kuselias

Sophomore Class: Chelsea Cooper

Departmental Awards

Theology: Theresa Hartford

English: Morgan Pulliam

Geometry: Kateri True

Algebra II: Rosabella Daraoui

Precalculus: Cameron Cassidy

Biology: Kateri True

Chemistry: Jennifer Medina

Social Studies: Madeline Stailey

French: Cameron Cassidy

Spanish: Cameron Cassidy

Art: Kieryn Hewitt

Band: Rosabella Daraoui

Chorus: Patrick Rediy