Practice Makes Perfect


Midterm examinations occur next week and our Saints are overjoyed!  Well, perhaps “overjoyed” is a bit of an exaggeration.  But they are well-prepared. Competent and capable- those are STA students. We know this because over the course of the past four and a half months, St. Thomas Aquinas High School students have been receiving the very best education in each of their disciplines. Whether they’ve been peering into microscopes, diagramming sentences, or habla-ing Espanol, freshmen, sophomore, juniors and seniors have been knee deep in their studies. And for good reason.

Setting high standards for our Saints helps them achieve and succeed on tests and assessments, yes, but it also teaches them how to set their own high personal standards.  STA enrolls students who are capable of managing outstanding academic rigor. Our mission is to ensure that they also know how to balance their drive with reasonable expectations and aspirations. Trusting their instruction, intellect, and own personal capability is more than learning how to successfully navigate through school- it is a way of learning how to successfully navigate through life.

An 8-period day does not necessarily a happy Saint make. But they can do it!  And, better yet, they are doing it.

Aiming high and soaring higher- it’s the STA way.

Go Saints!