Pedaling for Hope

Senior Will Devaney and his mother, Beth, rode 30 miles in support of T1D research.


It’s not just another bike ride.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes is no easy feat. Frequent finger pricks, blood testing, food intake regulation, insulin monitoring, alarms/test strips/calculations- these are all constants in a “T1D” patient’s life. And as with any life-altering disease, a diagnosis for a child is a diagnosis for a mother.  No one knows this better than Beth Devaney, mother of senior STA student, Will.

This past weekend, Beth and Will participated in the 30 mile Tour de Cure bike ride in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Tour de Cure is the American Diabetes Association's signature fundraising event. With strong support from the business community including sponsorship and corporate teams, the events raise funds for research, advocacy, programs and education. 

“It was a great experience and I feel like any way we can get the word out to raise awareness of diabetes, it’s a good thing,” said Beth. “People living with T1D have to make 50 plus treatment decisions every single day in addition to school, sports, work and life in general.  They are the true heroes living with this disease every day.”

Every person afflicted with a disease wishes for a cure. And every mother who has a child afflicted with a disease prays for a cure. Opportunities such as the Tour de Cure, Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Awareness events, etc. present our communities and our hearts with hope. Those who join the effort are true lights in darkness as they focus attention on what matters most: providing health to every human body.

Thank you, Team Devaney, for exercising your bodies in advocacy for a T1D cure. Pedaling with your feet creates more than just forward movement of a bicycle- it propels hope into action. 

And that is a tour with taking.