Peace: A Universal Language

2018 National Honor Society Students
2018 World Language National Society Inductees


On May 1, St. Thomas Aquinas High School Principal, Kevin Collins, addressed the 2018 World Language National Honor Society Inductees. 

“Perhaps in the distant past, our ancestors’ experiences had an impact on the language that evolved. If finding your way in the desert was necessary for survival, knowing what direction you’re headed in was vital. Today, our experiences are different than our forebears…but we still have that language. So perhaps our grammars, vocabularies and syntaxes have made us think in certain ways. More importantly, in ways different from other cultures. 

We live in a polarized world; the globe seems forever in conflict. How much of this conflict is a result of misunderstanding is something worth exploring. And how much of that misunderstanding is a result of nuances in our languages is perhaps a problem to be solved.

No one is better prepared to solve it than those who immerse themselves in language. So, as you look to the possibilities offered by your skills, look beyond ordering something from a menu in Europe, or scoring well on an SAT test. Instead, think of yourself as potential peacemakers.

And blessed are the peacemakers… for they will be called children of God.”

Congratulations to our blessed peacemakers as they venture further into their second language and eventually into the world beyond. May they use their aptitude and proficiency to further promote compromise and aid in reconciliatory actions among communities and cultures. 


Latin NHS Inductees
Adrienne Bevins
Ryan Lancaster

French NHS Inductees
Louisa Bauer
Nicholas Guerin
Gabriella MacNeil
Michaela Thompson

Spanish NHS Inductees
Cameron Cassidy
Emma Corson
Christopher Eno
Edwin Estevez
Kiernan Flanigan
Katia Gaffney
Anna Gasper
Raegan Holzhuter
Olivia Kimball
McKenzie LaFlamme-Howe
Derek O’Brien
Katherine Paiva
Chani Parrott
Cristina Perez
Austin Phan
Yana Quel
James Sullivan
Maya Twombly
Pauline Young
Isabelle Young